Desert Winds

It’s windy out there tonight.  I can hear the rattling of the blinds as the wind whips in, rustling them, causing a banging on the window frame.  I may have to shut the window, but maybe I’ll put up with it, I love the cool desert night air.  And I love the sound of the wind, whipping by outside.  Whistling, then howling, then still.  It is a symphony.

It’s after 11:00 in Vegas.  It was warm today, 79 and blue sky.  I wore shorts and a t-shirt, had on my slide shoes and had to squint when I was out driving around.  I think the people who live here think it’s still sort of cold.  They are used to the heat.  My body doesn’t expect it until June.  I live in the Midwest after all.

I’m missing my honey and don’t much like being so far away from her, but am glad I came.  Friends like these are gifts.

It’s amazing how people can be so different, and yet have so much love for each other.  I was a bit nervous about coming.  Not sure how, after all these years, we would get on.   Hoping it would be the same, wondering if all of life’s ups and downs might have changed us all somehow, made us different people.  Those ups and downs have changed us, all of us, but who we are, and have always been, to and for each other remains.  Distance and time haven’t altered that.  Thank god.

I am blessed to have these people in my life.  And with them, as I always have felt, I am home.  We’ve been in each others lives for so long there’s a comfort and certainty that is reassuring and magical.  There’s a peace that happens not brought by any one of us, but made by our presence together.  Deep love and understanding resides there.


Hanging On To Life
Hanging On To Life (Photo credit: Tj Parker Photography)

We may be different, see the world differently, but we understand each other and know, always, that there’s a love and a respect and a kindness there.

My wish for the world is that people would feel this sort of kinship in their lives.  I’ve been lucky enough to feel this with several people throughout the course of my life.  Spectacular people, each and every one.

This tapestry of lovely humanness is overwhelming, and as I sit here, the blind still banging on the sill, I feel an incredible sense of humble gratitude for how fortunate I am, for how full my life is of beautiful people, and for the sounds of the wind, right outside the window.


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67 Films For A Rainy Day

It’s a blustery day in East Central Illinois and I was just thinking about watching a movie. There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket on a stormy day to watch something that transports you to a different place. All sorts of movies do this, action to drama, it just depends on a persons mood. I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for just yet, but here are a few excellent rainy day movies to consider.

Big Trouble in Little China

The 6th Day

Jackie Brown

Original Planet of the Apes


The Station Agent

Fried Green Tomatoes

The Shawshank Redemption

The Bourne Identity

V For Vendetta


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Playing By Heart

The Matrix

While You Were Sleeping

Star Wars


Baby Boom


Dark Knight

Memphis Belle

State and Main

The Fifth Element

Lost in Translation

Pan’s Labyrinth


Galaxy Quest

Meet Joe Black

Groundhog Day


A Beautiful Mind

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Fall

The Matador

Minority Report

Fool’s Rush In

Total Recall

Blade Runner

The Italian Job


For Love of the Game



The Abyss

Little Man Tate

Star Trek

The Help

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


The King’s Speech

Pulp Fiction

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Notting Hill

Some Kind of Wonderful

Dark City

The Usual Suspects


Ocean’s Eleven

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

North by Northwest

Kill Bill Volume 1

Kill Bill Volume 2

Casino Royale

Wind, Rain, and Cold… Oh My!

It’s chill out there.  Wow.  We are getting big wind gusts as well.  Which is why we have a wind advisory in effect until 10 AM CDT tomorrow.  Gusts are supposed to be at 45 MPH.  I believe it.  Whoa nelly!

Just sayin’… the people at the clinic this morning, when I went in for my usual bi-monthly blood draw, were saying welcome to Illinois, where the weather changes with the snap of your fingers.



Uh… snap….

Apparently that doesn’t work on command.

In flight

In flight, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

It was a great day for kite flying on the Oregon Coast today.

Savoring The Day

I feel like I’m playing hookie. Always do. It’s Veteran’s Day and I don’t have to work today. Neither does Karen. Nice.

We’re both sitting in the office, each at our respective desks on our respective computers, each with a cup of tea, music playing, and Weston curled up sleeping on his bed next to his red stuffed dog. It is storming outside… rain coming down in sheets, wind blowing all the leaves that had been clinging on for dear life off their trees and around the yard, wind chimes making beautiful sounds. It’s a great fall day in Oregon and here we are, all three of us, warm and cozy inside of our house. Life is very very good.

I love extra days off. It’s like getting a little gift. Extra time together to play or work around the house, to run errands, or just snuggle up and watch a movie. Any time out of the normal working week I can steal away for us, this little family of mine, the happier I am. As I said… it’s a gift. A gift I’m savoring today.