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10 Word Review – The Little Things

Dark. Murder. Cast. Suspense. Creepy. Shovel. Frustration. Excessive. Get-up. yes.

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Do You Have Insomnia? No? Then You Should Get It!

I just read the best short story!  On top of great storytelling, it was free!  Click the image above and you will be whisked away to Mary Widdicks’ website where you can sign up to get it and read it as well.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!  It’s a great read.  She is an up an coming writer who you will be on the scene and talked about for years to come.  

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10 Word Review – Serial (book)

6470809Compelling. Psycho. Duel. Car. Hitchhiking. Killers. Paths. Drag. Concept. yes.

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10 Word Review – Runner Runner

runnerThriller. Pace. Predictable. Affleck. Timberlake. Location. Shady. Gambling. Captain. Yes.