Photo Hunt – Together

Photo Hunt – Purple

In The Clear, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

The theme for this week’s Photo Hunt is purple. I remembered that I’d taken a few shots during the fall of 2007 that might fit the bill and when I looked I discovered this one.  Then I realized I’d posted it here at the Think Tank before.  Ah well… I like it, so it’s getting used again, but I realize it’s a re-posting party foul.  What’s a girl to do?

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Photo Hunt – Triangle

Taking Off, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Ok… So the theme for the Photo Hunt this week is triangle. I’m struggling with it. The first one I considered was a shot I took recently while out to dinner with friends at a pizza place. Triangles of pizza slices all over the place in that shot. But I wasn’t totally satisfied with it, even though it made me laugh. I’m ending up with this… though it’s not a true triangle in the sense that it’s really more like a cone, but hey… from the side it looks triangle-ish. So… here you have Mt. Hood, at sunset, taken near PDX, with a plane landing. Technically you could say the plane also has a couple of triangles, with blunted edges, if you could the wings and tail wings. I know… I’m stretching it.

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Photo Hunt – Stripes



This weeks theme for the hunt is Stripes.  Usually I just include one photo and call it good, but this week I’m going to post a few photos I found that fit.  Why?  Well… because I couldn’t pick just one.


We went on a cruise and I loved this long row of lounge chairs.  This was taken before the ship actually set sail which is why they’re empty.  Normally they’d be pretty packed with peeps getting a tan, reading, relaxing, napping… you name it.

Weston and the Ref

This is the little guy, Weston, with the Ref.  He’s really not a huge toy guy.  He loves to play chuck it, to have the ball thrown for him, to chew on his bully stix, and to be loved on.  Strangely he loved this guy and chewed, pulled, and gnawed at him until all his stuffing was gone.

Hwy 101

We went on a little road trip a year or so ago and this was taken while driving Hwy 101 from California, through the Redwoods, to Oregon.  We hadn’t planned going this way, but were forced to as the Siskiyous were snowed in and I-5 was briefly closed.  It ended up being a great drive, though it rained and rained and rained.  We saw some cool elk, stood next to huge grand trees, and spent a lot of time cracking up by the little mister’s (Weston’s) expressions.


Here she is, the little girly, Riley.  She’s looking cute and small here.  Must have had a recent haircut.  She’s due for another.  I think she’s going to look pretty cute.  But then, I always think she looks really cute.

The Scenery and Me

Lastly… here’s one taken during our recent road trip down to San Jose to see family.  That’s me, in the side view, taking the shot.

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