10 Word Review – Ebertfest: Cold War

Beautiful. Framing. Actors. Riveting. Music. Time. Moving. Tragic. Monochrome. YES.

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Photo Hunt – Old Fashioned


The Stanford, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

I know, I know, I’m early with this post for Photo Hunt Saturday. But here’s the deal… I’m home today from work, not feeling all that well, and I have nothing better to do. Hence the post today.

About my post for this week’s theme, old fashioned… We went to San Jose last June and while there we ventured out to the Stanford in nearby Palo Alto. This place is fantastic. Admission is cheap, popcorn, snacks and soda are priced from the 50’s or so, and you get a double feature, complete with live organist popping up out of the floor during intermission. It’s old fashioned all the way around, and really incredible.If you want to join the hunt and the fun, check out the specifics at photo hunt.