Ramblings From a Cafe

I’m sitting in a café in Brookfield, Wisconsin. A three and a half/four-hour drive from home, it really didn’t take that long to get here. It’s windy outside, and there’s blue sky.

How did I get here?

K had a meeting today, corporate headquarters, etc., etc. She’s being a suit, and actually had to put one on. She doesn’t do that very often anymore since she works from home and doesn’t have to travel as much as she used to. I like her in a suit. She looks snappy, and business-y. I don’t think that’s a word. No matter. She looks it. When I met her she had to wear suits all the time. She didn’t work at home, had an office, etc., etc. Every day she had to get up and put some sort of suit on. So my association of her in suits is a pretty good one. It makes me think of how she was, how we were, when we met.

I’m sentimental.

I found this café not far from where our hotel was, and close to her offices, where I will have to pick her up later today. The coffee is good. The soup and half a sandwich I just had were OK. Maybe I’ll try a cupcake in a bit, since they are supposed to be known for that. I like their coffee cups. They’re cool.


I got into the blog this morning trying to work out some things, posts I haven’t posted yet that are saved as drafts and need a little tweaking, the layout, the name. I’m struggling with the name. I think it’s time to rebrand myself. Come up with something else to call this bit of rambling I do. I’m over the Think Tank. Only, I can’t seem to light on another title. I’m at odds with myself.

I’ll figure it out.

There was a guy in here a little while ago.  Talk about not judging a book by its cover.  He stepped up the counter just as I glanced up.  He had overalls and looked a little unkempt.  I assumed he was on hard times.  He started to order and I went back to my business.  I looked outside a few minutes later and realized he was putting his stuff into a sporty little red car.  A nice one.  I think this is what happens to K and I.  We walk into places in our worn looking big boy shorts and t-shirts and people sometimes act a certain way toward us.  As in, once or twice we were in car dealerships looking at new cars and no one came up to us.  Hilarious.  As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, “big mistake, huge.”  I just did that to the guy in this coffee shop.  We are constantly profiling people based on how they look, what we think we know of them just by how they look.  Crazy.  Not cool.  Apparently great lessons happen at the cafes near Milwaukee.  LOL

I’m listening to a playlist I made called Places.  Everything on the playlist has a place of some sort in the title… the name of a state or as in the song I’m listening to now, Shelter, just a place.  I made it randomly one day and hadn’t really listened to it.  It was an experiment in playlist making.  Surprisingly, so far it’s been a good one.

K and I were talking last night as we watched TV in the hotel room.  I commented to her that I wondered how many hotel rooms we’d been in together since we met.  We didn’t think we could count them all, there have been many them.  We’ve been lucky enough to have visited a lot of places.  Meaning we’ve been in a lot of hotel rooms.  From the worst of them, which was probably a place called the First Lady in Keystone, South Dakota, when we decided spontaneously and at the last-minute,  to spend the night there, near Mt. Rushmore, to the best of them, which would probably be a tie between the Inn at the Market in Seattle, and a hotel I can’t remember the name of in Cambridge, MA that had a view of the river of downtown Boston.  We’ve rented condos and houses and apartments and cabins as well.  We love to travel.  It’s all in having an adventure together.  Being somewhere new or seeing someplace we’ve been before in a new way.  I love our life.

It’s clouding up outside, and getting a bit crowded in here.  I wonder when my honey will be done.  She thought some time between four and five.  I’m waiting for the ETA text.  LOL

Until then I’m just soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the coffee, listening to some good music, and killing time.  Then we drive home…