10 Word Review – The Accountant

accountantSuspense. Autism. Fights. Violence. Relationships. Airstream. Cast. Hue. Feel. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Magnificent Seven

sevenCast. Pace. Action. Western. Unsurprising. Feel. Tricks. Traps. Characters. Yes.

10 Word Review – Florence Foster Jenkins

florence-foster-jenkinsStreep. True. Grant. Love. Era. Society. Feel. Humor. Sweet. Yes.

10 Word Review – Suicide Squad

suicide-squadCampy. Fun. Action. Crazy. Cast. Robbie. Ridiculous. Enjoyable. Effects. yes.

10 Word Review – The Intervention

the-interventionCast. Writing. Direction. Conversation. Relationships. Friendship. Humor. Quiet. Leg. Yes.

10 Word Review – Dark Horse

dark-horseInspiring. Unexpected. Unlikely. Hope. Community. Dream. Syndicate. Documentary.  Characters. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Sea of Trees

sea-of-treesHaunting. Cinematography. Trees. Exploration. Beautiful. Writing. Discovery. Direction. Mood. Yes.