Walking Mississippi

Walking Mississippi

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So a couple of weeks ago we had the enormous pleasure of hanging out with and then having dinner with Grandpa, my Aunt Syd, Mom, Don, and Kev. It was a really nice evening. A very nice time. I love my family. Seriously, are there any better people out there? I know some of you might be saying yes, there are… as in your families, friends, or whatever, but still… I love these people. They are awesome. I always have a good time, without exception, when I’m with them, which I’m not often enough. And again I will say lucky. I am so lucky to be a part of this brood. Lucky.


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Here he is… the handsome boy looking intently at Karen’s slice of pizza hoping for a bite. He ended up with a couple of pieces of sauceless crust. As did the little girl. What can we say… we’re suckers for the looks they give us.

Getting Ice Cream

Getting Ice Cream, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

We wandered over to the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair yesterday. Which, actually, wasn’t the main plan, but we ended up there. The actual plan was to meet Mom and Don over at Steph and Phil’s place to take the pressure washer, chainsaw, baby gate, and live animal trap we’d borrowed from them over the course of the last couple of years… or more, back to them. This is what happens when cleaning out the shop and garden shed become a priority. Finding things you forgot you had, and had borrowed. Oops.

We dropped by Steph and Phil’s place, Mom and Don showed up fresh from picking up Brian at the airport, and we all, including the pups, headed down for Mississippi Pizza (Brian had to have a slice immediately after getting into town and before Mom, Don, and he headed out for Davis Lake to do some camping and fishing) after unloading the goods we’d brought. Mississippi Pizza, owned by Phil and Steph, has become a Portland hot spot. Great pizza, excellent funky ambiance, and cool music of one sort or another almost every night. in fact… any musicians out there in the family should consider contacting their booking agent. You don’t get paid, but you do get to charge a cover, and it’s a funky cool place to play. Just saying…

The Mississippi Pizza Pub

The Mississippi Pizza Pub, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

We actually started off the evening, last night, with a stop by Phil and Steph’s house. Ok, so what happened is we knew we could probably park by their house, which we found we could, and when we did we decided we should probably stop in and say hello since we were just right there and everything. And before you go and think we were being rude and all by just dropping by without a call, which I would normally never do to anyone, know this… they don’t mind it at all. In fact, they like it. People are always dropping by their house. It’s just their way. So, we stopped in and said hello. Phil was getting some dinner and some wine together on their deck for them and some friend’s of theirs who’d come over. Steph was hanging with their girls upstairs. We went in and chatted with Steph upstairs and then Phil offered us wine as we came back downstairs. We had to decline the wine as we had friends waiting at Mississippi Pizza, but it was great of him to ask. What a fantastic couple of people they are. I feel, we feel, very fortunate to have met them and very lucky that my mom married Steph’s dad. It’s terrific to really dig the people you get connected to through marriage. And… we dig them.

After the short visit with Steph and Phil we walked down to Mississippi Pizza for a pie and a root beer with friends. Yeah, no beer last night. Root beer. It was good. What can we say, we’re not big drinkers. At least there’s beer in the name… yeah, we’re very tough.

We were very full after dinner and a walk sounded splendid to all so a walk is what we had. We cruised up one side and down the other of Mississippi Avenue, wandering into some stores, looking at the Freemont Bridge, looking at construction on the street… me snapping pictures the whole time. It was a very relaxing, very lovely evening.

What follows this is a collection of some of the shots I took last night as we wandered. My camera is my friend… and it’s offspring ain’t that bad either. Yeah, I know that was a weird metaphor….

Einstein’s Hair

Einstein’s Hair, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

These were in some person’s yard. We spotted them as we strolled along Mississippi Avenue last evening. Strange. Yes. Cool. Very.


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This sign is affixed to the building on N. Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon, that houses Fresh Pot, the coffee shop featured in the Morgan Freeman/Greg Kinnear movie, Feast of Love. We rented it recently because, you know, we’d walked by during filming, which was some time ago, and then forgotten all about it, until recently. We didn’t see either Morgan Freeman or Greg Kinnear on that long ago walk and in fact didn’t know either one of them were in the movie until we stopped and asked the night security guard, who was out protecting the film “stuff”, what the film was called and who was starring in it. I guess we’re not as hip as we might lead ourselves to believe. Ok, confession time… we don’t think we’re hip at all actually. It’s a myth. Misnomer. Complete fable. No hipness here folks… please step back. Seriously though… if you want a good cup o’ joe in a cool non-chain type of joint, Fresh Cup is for you.