Awash With Kindness

img_2360-1I spent 20 years of my life working with at-risk kids.  It was challenging work, but also very rewarding.  Initially I worked for several years with kids at a youth correction facility.  Later, and for most of my years doing the work, I worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer.  That involved a lot of things, one of those being sometimes trying to find a residential placement for a kid who needed treatment, or safety, or both.  I know a lot about residential kids, I have a huge place in my heart for them.  Which brings us to today’s act of kindness.  There is a residential program here in our town, the Cunningham Children’s Home.  We know someone who works there and asked her if they were accepting donations for the holidays.  She told us yes, gave us a few suggestions, then told us where to go to drop off the stuff (thanks so much, Evelyne!).  We just got done dropping off the goods.  If you are local here, consider a donation to Cunningham.  Kids in placement don’t usually have very much, they frequently feel unwanted, forgotten, and less-than.  They aren’t, but they don’t know that.  Just getting to pick out some cool stuff around the holidays helps a little.