A Peaceful Moment

This is something I wrote on the plane ride over to the U.K. a couple of weeks ago.  Tried to post it when we landed and couldn’t, then with all the business of getting here and such I forgot about it, until today.  I re-read it, liked it a lot, and so am posting it now.  It’s relevent, anytime really….

December 10, 1:20 AM, Pacific time

Sun coming up over the Atlantic.  Traveling in this plane, just having woken up from a nap laying across two seats and Karen (a miracle in and of itself).  Taking pictues with my phone out the window and listening to the Hip (80) playlist on the ipod on my phone. Bose quiet canceling headphones on.  The world is a beautiful place.

I’m having one of those moments… So filled with gratitude and wonder and love.  So much love I feel like this smaller body of mine might not be able to hold it all in.  Overflowing out of me as teardrops falling down my face.  It’s so quiet in here right now. All these people sleeping, watching the movie or listening to their own music.  All these people going somewhere…. To see someone they love, like we are, or to see somewhere new, or just making the journey home.  And here we all are together, on this plane winging our way across the Atlantic as the sun comes up. I’m listening to Good Life right now, and it really is a good good life.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you….

Music, Numbers, and The Day

Wow… what a week. Seems like since we’ve been back home it’s been a little crazy in and around our house. Two weeks of bliss in the UK with Mary and Martin, with them and away from all the regular daily responsibilities, chores, life moving craziness. Don’t get me wrong… we have a terrific, wonderful, fantastic, full, beautiful life. We do. I wouldn’t trade anything in my life, currently, for any other possible way to be. I have it good. I know it. It’s just that our life moves quickly… busy. It’s grand and great, but sometimes it’s tiring. Especially when the dogs are restless, the phone rings late night or early morning (which we are both subjected to from time to time in our jobs), and it’s a bit too hot to sleep without the fans going full steam ahead. Again… not really complaining… just saying… whew. What a week huh? (this is where I start to smile and laugh cuz really… I’m very very happy)

I’m sitting here right now, iPod blaring, and I mean blaring. It’s lunchtime at the office. No one here right now but me. I have the road trip play list on shuffle. Currently it’s Travis busting out “Big Chair” through the most excellent JBL iPod player. The sun is shining outside, with a few clouds I admit, but shining. Other than the music it’s quiet in here. I like it. Pretty peaceful for the work place and all.

I just glanced at the numbers again. How can I help it when I’m this close (holding thumb and finger less than and inch apart) from making the 50,000 mark. Looks like less than 30 to go. And, by the way, my own page views don’t count so don’t you go thinking I’ve been clicking the Tam’s Think Tank bookmark 50 times a day to get to the big number. That wouldn’t work… at least that’s what the WordPress peeps say. Almost there…. picture confetti and such at the end of the day today… there will definitely be figurative confetti.

As for our weekend… and let’s just start with last night. The pre-weekend evening out. We went to see Star Trek. Loved it. Seriously. Good romp of a movie. I’m a trekkie from way back. Since the beginning, when the original show aired. I was very young, but remember my dad laying on the living room floor, face close to the screen (he had to, he was legally blind), and me sitting there with him, not really knowing what I was watching, but loving the whole thing. I thought, last night just as the movie started, Dad would love this. And, he would have.

The rest of the weekend… dinner and a movie with friends tonight at their place. Should be fun. We haven’t spent time with them in a long while. I’m anxious to meet the new members of their family, Ricky and Lucy, their new pups. Then tomorrow… time spent with friends having a bite to eat, checking out the festival downtown, and then an outdoor evening concert by the band Uh Huh Her. We’ll see how that goes. Sunday… not sure. We have more work to do on our place. Always. Probably try to stain the deck that I pressure washed this week. Though I hear it might rain. Hmmmm… rain and an outdoor concert. We might have to rearrange our plans for concert going if that’s the case. Or not. We are, after all, Oregonians. Proud to get rained on.

Oh no… it’s almost one. Almost time for me to turn back into a worker bee and get back to it. Court at 1:15 today. Fun fun.

I’ll leave this post with Josh Radin on the iPod singing “One of Those Days“.  Seems kind of fitting.  Kismet.