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Went golfing in prep for the upcoming annual tournament. We sucked. It was fun though. There’s always that.

Pulling Out The Clubs

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Forgot to mention we went golfing on Wednesday after work, our first outing this year. We, neither of us, did that well. I haven’t even held a golf club since last September, and Karen hasn’t golfed, other than one round of 9 at a par 3 course a couple of years ago, for about 4 or 5 years. We had fun though. Thanks Stan and Stacia for waiting for us, and for being patient. It’s always a good time, even if our game wasn’t. And to Karen’s dad, once again, for giving me his clubs… I love them. I can’t say enough about them. Every time I use them I think of you Don. It was one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received. I love them and I love you.



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The conference I just attended started last Sunday out on the golf course. There’s an annual golf tournament connected with this conference. Our team always comes in last, though we have a great time, until this year. We actually came in second to last with a score of 3 over. The winner’s had a score of 2 under, so we weren’t entirely off the mark this year. Very exciting. I was happy just hitting a few good shots. I only golf two or three times a year, the other times besides the conference as practice games for the conference, so it’s not like I’m a regular. I just like driving the golf cart, hanging with my pals, and enjoying an occasional nice shot.


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River’s Edge Golf Course, Bend, Oregon.

Taken with the iPhone camera.


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I golfed one afternoon last week with friends. I have a tournament coming up this coming weekend and we needed to take some of the rust off of our game. Not sure that happened, but we had fun anyway.

Looking For The Ball

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Working our way forward… on Sunday, after we got back from the beach, we went to the Sah-Hah-Lee 3 par golf course out toward Estacada and shot 9 holes. Martin kicked our butts, though Mary wasn’t too far behind. Poor Karen and I brought up the rear. But hey, we had a great time. It’s pretty out there and the course was nice. What more can you ask. Other than, perhaps, to find your ball after it’s landed in the water hazard.

centennial golf course

centennial golf course

photo by Stacia

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This last weekend, and Monday and Tuesday, I attended a conference in Southern Oregon. Medford, to be exact. The reason I went down on Saturday, instead of the usual Sunday evening President’s reception kick off bash, was because I golfed in the annual tournament. This picture was taken by my compadre, Stacia, while we were out on the course. Her phone takes great pictures. We did well, if you compare us to our last years and the year before’s scores. If you compare us to the rest of the teams, we came in… last. No worries though, we always do. I’m never upset about this. I mean really, I’m not even a real golfer. I probably golf two or three times a year, including this tournament. Stacia carried the team this year, and thank goodness for her. She amassed half of our needed drives. My best accomplishment? I out drove the guys, there were two, on our team. Yeah me.

As for the rest of the conference…. it was fine and dandy. It’s always nice to see people you haven’t seen for six months or a year. I’ve been in this line of work now for 18 years, not counting the two I took off to run around the country with a trucker, work in a coffee shop at the beach, and bum around the Oregon State campus for half a term (I was deciding whether to go back to school, I didn’t). 18 years is a long time to do anything. I know I still have things to learn, but the conference organizers are hard pressed to get people I haven’t already heard, or at least people who aren’t presenting information I haven’t heard. Once in awhile it happens, which is great, but not often.

I’m rambling…

I will go now. Time to take Weston out to enjoy the wet and rainy yard. It’s Friday night. The weekend is here. Tomorrow we’re going to see Mom (and Don if he’s back from helping to raise a house). We’re taking crumpets. Mom has the butter, jam, and the tea to go with. It should make for a nice visit.