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Thankful Everyday – The Seventeenth

17.  I’m thankful for laughter.  The way my honey laughs with her whole body, how my brother slaps his knee when it’s a real good one, the grandsons giddy sounds, my friends smiling eyes when they laugh, strangers passing by who are cracking up, my family’s sounds of laughter at a family function, and my laugh when I’m crying because something is just so wonderful.  Laughter is the music of the soul.  It’s joy out loud.  I’m greedy for it, in myself and in others.  Nothing beats a good laugh.


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Keyser Soze Has Nothing On Us

Wow.  And wow again.  I think I may have started more than one blog entry with that word and here I am using it once again.  Oh well, I’m getting older and that means repeating myself repeatedly.  I’m OK with that.

I digress…

Wow.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity and adventure since we left our little hovel in Urbana, Illinois for places west on July 5.  Here we are on August 14 and I have no idea where the time has gone.  Day after tomorrow we pack up Thor, our tried and true Volvo, our two pupinos, a bunch of crap, and ourselves for the trek back home.  Six days later, and some 2500 miles we will once again be back in the Midwest.  Where has the time gone?

When we were planning this sojourn we thought, OK, six weeks (including two weeks driving) would be plenty of time, but  then again how can there ever be enough time spent with the people you love.  There are so many people here who are in our lives it’s been tough to see everyone.  We haven’t seen everyone.  That’s a hard one.  To leave without seeing everyone.  Seriously though, how could we?  We’ve been so busy.  Let’s recap…

Six days driving here, get here and have appointment with Oregon oncologist, start treatment in Oregon, see Stan and Connie who drove to Salem just to see us (you guys rock), drive up to Portland to meet my cousin and his family after he finished the STP bike ride, eat pizza, have yogurt, drive up to Burlington, WA (and Marblemount, WA) to participate in the spreading of my grandparents ashes and next day check out the estate sale put on by my Mom and Aunts and Uncles at my grandparents house, from there take off for three days in Long Beach, WA (after a 5 hour drive to get there), enjoy the beach, drive back to Salem, drive back up to Scappoose, dinner with friends who invited us over (thanks SJ and Angela, your house is awesome), trips back and forth between Salem and Scappoose every week so I could get my shot in Salem, helping Mom sprinkle some of grandpa and grandmas ashes at Willamette University, work on the yard in Scappoose, and more work on the yard in Scappoose (thanks to Mom and Kev for helping us out with that one of the days… you two are amazing), dinner out with friends (thanks Maggie for taking us to dinner for our birthdays), dinner with friends from Urbana who happened to come to Portland for a wedding while we were here (great dining with you Evelyne and Natalie), showing our friend Jen (who also hails from Urbana) around Portland, and the farm, for three and a half days,  the treat of breakfast out at the Screen Door courtesy of Vicki (thanks girl, the chicken and waffles there can’t be beat!), a few walks in parks both in Portland and Salem with the pupinos, one of which included a piano solo by Karen, a trip on the river with Stan, dinner at Stan and Connie’s place for us with some of our good friends (so great to see you guys), a walk at Cathedral Park with Liz and Jake and Ilsa and Indy followed by a tour of their new house (love it you guys!), a stop by my old office for some chat (Stacia, I love ya girl) and lunch with some of my old work mates (I miss you Josh, Linda, Chris, Liz and Stacia!), packing up the car and driving back and forth between Salem and Scappoose every week (oh, I think I said that already), our annual walk through of one of our rentals with the renters and a drive by of the other, a couple of barbecues thrown for us by POD members, one including splashes in a pool and the other including a tasty salad made with home grown veggies, a couple of trips to the Portland Saturday Market (Sundays too!), a zoo concert (Melissa Etheridge) with some of the POD, dinners out at various places we didn’t want to miss while we were here (Piazza Italia, Little Big Burger, tacos at The Varsity, The Stepping Stone, Ruby Jewel for ice cream, chicken and waffles at The Screen Door, Mississippi Pizza, a food cart or two, Pok Pok, E-San for thai, burritos at Muchas, etc.) all of which made us each gain about 10 pounds, breakfast with my sister Kay, time spent at the farm with Mom and Don, time spent in Scappoose with Kev, packing up the car and driving back and forth between Salem and Scappoose every week like gypsies, sun, fun, and loads of love.

It’s been an amazing time.  We’ve had so much fun.  Though, seriously, I think we’re ready to be home again.  Not that we don’t love it here, and love everyone here, but we’re ready to be home.  Sleep in our own beds, be in our own house, see and spend time with the kids and our little man, who we have missed very much.  I guess that’s what happens when you live in two places.  Live in two places in your heart I mean.  You are always missing something, someone.  That’s the nature of how life works sometimes.  We moved to Illinois to be a part of of the kid’s lives, to be in Sebastian’s life, and we are glad we did.  We wouldn’t change that at all.  It’s just that this is home, and always will be.  The people here and this place make it so.  We are torn, but that doesn’t make us any less happy to be there when we are there, or here when we are here.

That bit there being a few moments of reflection.

So we are heading home on Thursday morning.  Leaving early to get a jump on our longest driving day of the lot.  10 hours the first day.  We’re going to Boise, Idaho by way of Bend and Hwy 20, then Driggs, ID near the Tetons, and from there a drive through the Tetons and Yellowstone and then stays in Sheridan, WY, Chamberlain, SD, La Crosse, Wisconsin, and home.  We’ll get there just in time for the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival.  Yum!

We’ll miss you Oregon, and everyone in it.  It’s been a flash, and now we’re almost out of here.  A month, poof, just like that and it’s gone.  Keyser Soze has nothing on us.  We love it here, and we love the people here.  This wonderful adventure has flown by, and been fantastic.  But be rest assured… we will be back.  It’s time for us to go back home, to more people we love, but we will be back.  We will miss you while we’re gone.  But be rest assured… we will be back.

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A Weekend With The Grandmas



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10 Word Reviews – Cowboys and Aliens


Amnesic. Bracelet. Craig. Ford. Rockwell. Ridiculous. Fun. Abduction. Showdown. Yes.
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Fun Through Photos

Dear Sebastian…

We have spent a lot of fun time with you in the last few weeks.  Hanging out with you while your parents went on dates, watching you swim, going to your gym class graduation, visiting with you at Grandmas house, and having breakfast and dinner with you a few times.  It’s been so much fun.  Your Grandmas thought we would put a bunch of fun photos here so you could see some of the things we have been doing.

Your Grandmas love spending time with you so much.  You are one handsome, kind, important, smart little guy.


Your Grandmas

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No Disappearing Act

Dear Sebastian…

Your Grandmas have been so busy in the last couple of weeks, a lot of time with you, that we haven’t had time to write anything.  We are so slow at this stuff sometimes.  We are going to have to write another catch-up post about all the fun stuff we’ve done… like hanging out with you while your parents went out to dinner, and going to breakfast with you after we watched you swim, and going to your Little Gym talent showcase (you are very talented), and having you and your parents come over to our house for dinner, and a lot of little visits here and there to play and hang out.

Your Grandmas love you very much little man.

Love,    Grandmas

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Farm Animals Drink From The Well

Dear Sebastian…

We had such a fun time with you this last weekend.  Your Mommy and Daddy went to Chicago for the weekend so we got to stay with you while they were gone.  We had so much fun!

We came over in the morning on Saturday and you were already up.  Your parents left and we played for a while.  You and your Grandma took out your new tractor, farmer, and animal set and ran it all over.  Your Grandma Tam got a basket that we used for the barn and you started putting your animals in the barn and then taking them out and putting them back in the tractor.  You were very cute.  Then your Grandma showed you how the farmer could the animals to the grass and watering hole.  So then you took out your animals so they could eat and drink.  You would take them out and put them on the grass and then take them over to the watering hole, which was really the dogs water bowl, but it worked good as a watering hole.  You really liked this and you did it for a long time.  So much fun!

After that you were tired so you went down for a nap.  Your Grandma asked you if you wanted a nap and you said yes, so got one.  After you had a nice sleep you had some lunch.  You like lunch.  And after lunch you got all dressed up in your jacket and hat and we took you from your house to your Grandmas house for awhile.

You like it at your Grandmas house because Thunder, your spring horse, is here and so are your friends (the animal flash lights you love so much).  Plus we have all your little animals here and every time you come over you get a new one.  You think that’s pretty neat.  We played for a couple of hours and then we went back to your house, with Weston and Riley this time.

We played some more and then you had dinner, a bath, and story, and then you went to bed.  The next day you had breakfast, played, had a nap, lunch, and then your Mommy and Daddy came home.

It was a fun adventure hanging out with you.  It always is.  Your Grandmas are so lucky to get to spend so much time with you.

We love you Sebastian…

Your Grandmas

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Slumber Party

Dear Sebastian…

We had so much fun with you this weekend.  We came over to your house and hung out with you last night, made dinner, and were there when you took your bath and went to bed.  We had so much fun with you that we decided to stay over so we could be there in the morning to see you when you got up.  Your Daddy was away for the weekend so it was just you, your Mommy, and us.  It was pretty funny, grandmas and Weston and Riley all staying just so we could see you.  You are a pretty special guy, that’s for sure.

Today we went to watch you swim, it was your last class until next year.  You got to go down the big slide today.  You didn’t seem too thrilled about it, especially the first time, but you went down twice because you are so brave.  Wow.

After swimming we went out to breakfast with your friend Tavish and his parents.  We went to the Courier Cafe and you had scrambled eggs.  Grandmas think you had more fun banging the plastic jam holder on the table than eating your eggs, but you had fun. You also enjoyed your Grandma Karen’s english muffin with jam.

When we were done having breakfast we went back to your house where we played and watched videos after you got up from your nap.  You are such a good sleeper.  And you were in such a great mood when you got up.  You are in a good mood most of the time. Must be because you are such a laid back kind of guy.  You’re a busy guy, but pretty mellow most of the time.  So curious and interested in everything.  That must be because you’re so smart.  You rock.

Grandmas had so much fun with you this weekend.  Thank you for letting us hang out with you.

We love you…  Your Grandmas

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Clowns and Hats and California

Dear Sebastian…

Early in the month of November we went all the way to California to see your Great Grandparents, your Aunt Cathy, Uncle Clem, Uncle Don, and Cousins… Charles, Elizabeth, and Dave.  We flew all the way there so we could all have a party for your Great Grandpa Don who turned 80.  Living until your 80 and still going strong is pretty neat.  We had such a great time with everyone.  People played with you, hung out with you, told you stories, and you got to walk around and see everything at your Great Grandparent’s house with your Great Grandpa Don.  It was pretty cool.  It was your first time in California and we think you liked it just fine.

We had two kinds of cake… a big 10 gallon hat and a clown cake, watched your Great Grandpa and Great Grandma open presents, and you got to have a turkey dinner.  Pretty special since it wasn’t even Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Everyone loved spending time with you.  You’re a pretty fantastic guy so that was no surprise.

The only bad part about the trip is that your Mommy and Daddy got sick during the trip. They were both really under the weather.  That part wasn’t too fun, but you spent a lot of time with your Grandma, who took good care of you while Mommy and Daddy slept and got better.

All in all it was a really fun first time in California for you.  We can’t wait to travel with you again to somewhere cool.  You are a great travel buddy.

Love, Your Grandmas

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What a Weekend… I’m Exhausted!

We had such a fantastic weekend.  So great that I’m tired today.  OK, maybe to be more accurate I should say that I’m partially tired from having to get up in the middle of the night to the let the dogs out.  For some reason, and this is a rare event, they both had to go out.  There’s the little girlie getting up for water and then not jumping back in the bed.  Bad sign.  I got up to find her and she was waiting in the hallway for me.  She ran over to the doggie door and then I heard Weston coming along as well.  I opened the door, they go out, and there I am peeking through the curtains over the sliders trying to see them out in the backyard at four in the morning.  Too funny.  So I could be tired from that.  But, the weekend was so busy, so much fun, and tiring in a totally good way as well.

It started Friday night with a Gal Up (a group we’ve found and joined) event at a local bar, the Esquire Lounge in downtown Champaign.  Drink, food, talk, pool playing, and good times had by all.  A great night with cool women.  Saturday we got up early to go watch Sebastian’s first swimming lesson here in the U.S.  He’s somewhat of a swimming lesson expert as he’s been in them since he was like three months old or something in the U.K.  But it’s been a little while since he’s been in the pool, so he was a tad cautious.  He had a big hold on Mary most of the time.  He didn’t cry, but he was unsure.  By the end though he was a champ, showing that now famous smile all over the place.  He’s going to be great and it was such a blast watching him, and watching Mary be such a fantastic Mom with him when he was unsure and scared and such.  Makes a person tear up watching the kid be so good with her kid.  Impressive.  After the swim lesson we took a jaunt over to Einstein Bagels with the kids to have a little bagel breakfast and then went over to their house for a bit to visit with Ashley, one of Mary’s friends and bridesmaids, who was visiting for the weekend from Indianapolis, where she’s living now.  It was really nice to see her.  Ashley recently got married, the wedding the kids went to over the weekend we did our overnight babysitting for the first time.   After we left the kid’s place we came home, picked up the pups, and headed out to Mahomet and a lovely new to us walking trail out there.  A great spot to walk them.  There are numerous trails to hit so it will be fun to go back out there and see what’s what with those.  On Saturday we only walked for about a mile, one way, because it was really sunny, with no shade, and Weston doesn’t much like the heat.  He was panting and kept trying to lay down in close to the tall grass.  We couldn’t keep going so we turned around, but they got a nice walk in anyway.  Afterward we came home and just enjoyed being here.  Watched some of the World Series, ate dinner followed by caramel corn, relaxed.  Nice.

Yesterday we had a nice mellow morning at home.  Brewed and drank some coffee, we each looked at our fantasy football teams and adjusted (we played each other this week), drank more coffee, pet on the pups a lot, and lounged in our living room.  Later we’d finally had enough of that lounging stuff and took the pups for a long walk.  We discovered a great area on campus only about a 15 minute walk from our house.  Fantastic.  It’s near the Arboretum, which includes the Idea Garden, and Japan House.  So great.  There’s an actual hill over there.  You can see out a ways.  We plan on going back to the garden with a camera to get some ideas.  It is the idea garden after all.  We also plan on taking the pups back over there again.  It’s so close to our house.  It’s so cool that we keep finding all these great places to take the dogs for walks.  We’re loving that.  After the walk we met up with Ann, one of our new friends here in Illinois, and drove out to Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch where we met other peeps and then all did the corn maze.  We ended up splitting into two groups and raced each other.  Texting the other group with things like… Number 5!  There were eight punch stations to get in the maze and we were racing to see which group could get them all first.  We were ahead most of the time, until the end, when they managed to squeak by us for the win.  Damn Dracula! Where were you?!?!  We also looked at the reindeer, the pumpkins, and watched the pumpkin cannon shoot a pumpkin out into a field.  The cannon was pretty impressive.  A fun time with great ladies.  After the Reindeer Ranch we headed home again, hung with the pups for a little bit, and then went over to the kid’s place for dinner.  We played with the grandson, ate some food, and watched the beginning of World Series game four with the kids before heading home where we loved on the pups and finished watching the game.


A lot of stuff…. a busy weekend.  Fun.  Illinois is growing on us.  We love the adventure of discovering things in a new place.  We are loving… and let me say… L-O-V-I-N-G… the fall weather here.  Beautiful blue skies, gorgeous fall colors, and warmish (enough to be in t-shirts yesterday).  We are loving being close to the kids and getting to see Sebastian all the time, go to his little classes, hang out and play.  And we are finding some friends, getting to know some people, starting to make a life here.  We still miss everyone in Oregon tremendously, but we are starting to really settle in, and excited about all the new things we’ve yet to discover and do.  Everything is an adventure when you live in a new place.  It’s kinda cool….

A Few photos from the ol’ iPhone

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Latest Issue of…. Where’s Sandy


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Friday Adventures Part Drei

Our third outing in the Friday Adventure series finds us first getting coffee, then going to the bank, then getting a parking ticket while in said bank (we tried to pay, but couldn’t). We saw the guy putting it on the windshield when we came out and Karen tried to chat with him about it, he was incredibly rude to her and explained that the machine didn’t take credit cards… We didn’t see the tiny print on the machine that said so. Either did the other guy who also got a ticket and said he tried to pay as well. A nice $40 surprise… LoL Oh well, c’est la vie. Karen is going to protest, but we are laughing about it now.

After the ticket we moved to another parking spot downtown ( and were able to pay… Yay… No ticket!) and then moseyed around near the Fox Tower 10 scouting restaurants for our POD movie outing tomorrow (going to see Black Swan then having lunch and then seeing The King’s Speech). During our meanderings we walked up to a bench (see below) and both started to jump off it, then, at the same time, decided to gingerly climb down. A sign of age? Yes. And funny as hell.

We ended up going into Pastini for lunch… Yum! Our adventure definitely continued there as Karen found a chicken bone in her pasta. We’ve been there many many times and nothing like this has ever happened before so we aren’t anti Pastini now or anything. Besides, they handled it really well and gave us her meal for free. Giving us back half the money from the parking ticket we’d gotten earlier. Circular baby! At least, that’s how we looked at it. Thanks Karen for putting your life in danger to get us the discount. Good thing you are such a slow eater honey!

Now we are headed to meet our friends Sandy and Vicki at Shigezo. Dessert for us, sushi for them. Let the adventure continue!

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And Again I Say… Where Is Sandy?

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Another Edition of… Where Is Sandy?

Had a great time at Lisa’s house today (thanks for hosting!) gathering with some of our peeps and watching Superbowl 45.  As always Sandy provided a little game of hide and seek.  Gotta love this girl.


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No Ball Playing

No Ball Playing, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Mary, Martin, and I had a bit of fun while we were wandering around outside near the Glessner House taking photos after the wedding as evidenced by the photo here. We had a little laugh about this and of course had to take a picture. I love hanging out with these two. One of the amazing things about marrying someone is joining another family. If you’re lucky you end up loving the family you join, and they end up loving you. I’m lucky.

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Breaking Bread With Earl, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

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Traveling The Sandy

Traveling The Sandy, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Such a fantastic time last Saturday with the girls. What a great group of people and just a lovely time. So, when are we going again?

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Navigating The Rapids

Navigating The Rapids, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

There were a few sets of rapids. Nothing too strenuous or scary. They were just enough for us to all yell WOO HOO as we went down.

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Enjoying The River

Enjoying The River, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

There were 9 of us all together. Three in a raft, and the rest in tubes. Man… Ican’t say enough about this little adventure. So much fun!

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Sandwiching… and Other Adventures

We seem to never have a dull moment.  Ever.  Always on the go, always “stuff” to do.  Always.  Always.  Always.

This weekend was no exception.  To sum up… We had furniture delivered Friday evening and then met friends for dinner at The Varsity (it was great to see you Jimmy! … and the rest of ya’all too, don’t want you to feel left out even though we see you all the time), we redecorated our bedroom around the new furniture, we rented and returned a U-haul to move some family furniture from our house to my nephew’s place, we met up with friends at a club and boogied our selves down to the ground at Barracuda followed by dessert and coffee at Hobos, we met my mom and new step sistas for a trip to Red Pig Tools (fun for the whole family if you love handcrafted garden tools) and then lunch at the Carver Cafe (pretty tasty… long wait, but great burgers when we finally got them… possibly it was so crowded because I just now found out, while looking for a link for the Cafe, that it was used for the cafe scenes in the movie Twilight…. who knew?  Not I.  If you’re interested you can find that info HERE), we loaded up a bunch o’ stuff in the truck and took it to the dump (including some hazardous materials in the way of old stain that they only take on the last Saturday of the month), we watched a bad, underscore bad, movie called Choke (don’t see it, whatever you do), and it’s now only three o’clock on Sunday.  We’ve decided to turn down an invitation to have dinner with friends at Joe’s Crab Shack.  It’s time for us to just relax at home.  Hang out.  Enjoy some quiet time.  Read.  Surf the net.  Blog.

The sandwiching part of the title of this little missive is about what you ask?  OK, so here it is.  It relates to a conversation Karen and I had last night on our way to the “Hot Flash Dance” where we boogied and hung with new and old friends.  Our conversation was this… though I guess I must first describe what we refer to as sandwiching.  Sandwiching is when three people dance together, with one person in the middle… sort of sandwiched in.  So here’s what we discussed, which I think is worth sharing if for no other reason than it made us both laugh hysterically.  We decided that when you’re young… a teen and in your 20’s, and even into the 30’s… when you sandwich it’s sexy.  Three people all sort of dancing together, being silly, being sexy… whatever… it’s kind of sexy.  Like a, let’s see if I can find a sandwich that sounds sexy… OK, here it is… kind of like a Grilled Taleggio and Tomato Sandwich.  Sounds sexy yes?  Kind of exotic, not completely sure what’s in there, mysterious… yet fresh and juicy with the tomato and all.  Sexy.  But when people get older… later 30’s and then 40’s and beyond… sandwiching isn’t as sexy.  And don’t get us wrong… there are still some sexy sandwichers out there.  But c’mon people… sandwiching after 40 is usually, in our analogy anyway, like a great bologna and cheddar sandwich.  Plain, comfortable, friendly… but not really sexy.  We, at this time in our lives, are like bologna.  And don’t go feelin’ all sad and bummed for us.  We’re not bummed, or sad.  We like being bologna.  We like sandwiching and laughing our butts off while we do it.  It’s hilarious.  No longer sexy… it’s just plain fun and silly.  There you have sandwiching 101, Karen and Tam style.  I love being us.


Initial Word Reactions Quiz

I copied this from my friend L’s blog, Tin Can Canoe. Check it out if you have the time, she’s brilliantly creative.

The idea behind the quiz: “this is called “FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ”. You have to type the FIRST thing that comes to mind whenever you read these 31 things. You can’t think and go back and change your answers. TIP: erase all of the other persons answers first… that way u can think in blank.”

Beer: Dark
McDonald’s: Ew
Relationships: Lovely
Purple: Bruise
Power Rangers: Who?
Steroids: Franken-Muscle
Cartoons: Justice League
Florida: Gators (as in alligators, not the Florida gators)
Santa Claus: Beard
Halloween costumes: Milk Carton (long story)
Alice in wonderland: The rabbit hole
Myspace: Family
Clowns: Tiny Cars
Marriage: Wonderful and not allowed
Paris: The Seine
Patrick: McEnroe
Redheads: Lucille Ball
Blondes: Marilyn Monroe
One night stands: Strange
Donald Trump: Toupee
Neverland: Peter Pan
Pixie: Tiny
Vanilla ice cream: “Nothing Beats a Good Vanilla”
Hooters: Bad Restaurants
High School Musical: What?
Woody: Guthrie
Wet Socks: Soppy

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Wearing Us Down

Monday… Who would’ve thunk it, I’m glad it’s Monday. LOL OK, maybe I won’t go that far, but still. Our lives have been hectic, and busy. It’s great fun having this rental house as a project, but we are SO DONE with the whole painting thing. We spent yesterday over there working on it, again. This time Karen did some mowing and weed eating while I painted and Kev did some “man stuff” for us. Ha ha… that makes me laugh, “man stuff”. It’s stuff we could do, but hey, when you have a guy there with tools, he wants to do the man stuff. We were happy to have him do it. Thanks Kev! We still have a bit to do, but we feel like we’ve gotten over the hump of it now, which is great. Only a tad more painting (it’s so much when you paint the entire inside of a house and have to do multiple coats… but, I’m whining), some cove base to install, and a few other minor things. Not much really. We’re almost ready to rent it out. Anyone need a place to live?

Saturday we decided we needed to have some fun after we’d painted for 4 and a half hours Friday night and knew we were going back to the rental on Sunday, so first we headed to a rugby match (Our friend’s team was in the finals… they lost, but it was still so very cool they made it that far), then to a kayak demo day up at Vancouver Lake in Washington, followed by a drive over to Ridgefield Kayak to reserve a boat for next weekend’s kayak trip, then home to drop off the boy (Weston got to enjoy some rugby and some time in the car at the park – no dogs allowed, c’mon people, he has a harness and a leash… but anyway, and some bounding around the docks at Ridgefield Kayak and surrounding marina, on his lead of course) before heading downtown to meet Maggie at the Apple Store for some laptop buying support and a great dinner at Typhoon that was completely tasty… as always. It was a really nice day. Very nice.

Tonight… we get to play a bit more as we have tickets to see The Swell Season at the Keller Auditorium. I’m excited. For those of you who don’t know, or even for those who do, The Swell Season is Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the duo who wrote the music for and starred in the film Once. If you haven’t seen it, do. It’s a great little film and the music is outstanding.

Ah, it’s been a full few days and looking ahead it’s going to be another full week and weekend. It’s a good life. Tiring at times, but really damn good.

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The monkey, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Georgette at home, Oregon.

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SD 750.

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Word Play

My friend Penny and I work at the same place, for the time being anyway since she’s retiring soon (yeah Penny!), and we love to occasionally play a bit of a word game with each other. Here’s how it went today… Oh, and Penny, I’m going to miss you when you leave this place, so you had best keep emailing, cause this is just too much fun. You have to read the exchange from the bottom up… starting with A… you’ll get it when you scroll down and start reading. Oh, and one last thing… for some reason, when I transferred our exchange to this venue, Penny’s side of the conversation came through really dark. I’ve tried everything to fix it, to no avail. So… apologies for the eye strain you might suffer, but reading it is worth it if you’re a word person.

>>> 11/2/2007 3:58 PM >>>
This WAS fun! Gave me a smile every time an email popped up from you!

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 3:56 PM >>>
Ta Da! Thanks for playing today – this was fun.

>>> 11/2/2007 3:55 PM >>>

zoologist Zora zipped zealously

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 3:54 PM >>>
Thanks for the chuckle – I had to share with Dawn and Anita. Good job!

Yodeling Yolanda yawned yesterday

>>> 11/2/2007 3:20 PM >>>
xenophobic (fear of foreigners) Xavier xerocopied (photocopied) xiphopagus (conjoined twins joined by a band of flesh on the torso) – yes, I cheated and looked some of this up!

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 3:18 PM >>>
Warren winked while walking

>>> 11/2/2007 3:05 PM >>>
LOL Good one…

Voracious Velma vanquished Velvetta

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 2:56 PM >>>
Uma urgently unhooked undergarments

>>> 11/2/2007 2:46 PM >>>
Temperamental Tina tortured toads

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 2:44 PM >>>
Sam seriously swatted sparrows

>>> 11/2/2007 2:35 PM >>>
Ray roguishly raked rattlesnakes

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 2:30 PM >>>
Quirky Quincy quaffed quinine

>>> 11/2/2007 2:26 PM >>>
Pretty Paulette pranced proudly

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 2:25 PM >>>
Ornery Olivia ogled Oliver

>>> 11/2/2007 2:15 PM >>>
Naughty Nina nailed Nick

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 2:14 PM >>>
Mad Mary mangled Mike

>>> 11/2/2007 2:12 PM >>>
Love-lorn Lara liked Lance

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 2:07 PM >>>
Kevin Kangaroo kicked kiosks

>>> 11/2/2007 2:03 PM >>>
Jubilant Jane jerked joyously

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 1:11 PM >>>
Inventive Inga ignited irises

>>> 11/2/2007 11:48 AM >>>
Horrible Harold had herpes

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 11:17 AM >>>
Gorgeous Georgiana groveled gregariously

>>> 11/2/2007 11:11 AM >>>
Fun Frank found fish

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 11:06 AM >>>
Evil Ed evoked envy

>>> 11/2/2007 10:47 AM >>>
Daring Darla Drank Drambui

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 10:43 AM >>>
Careless Carlotta caught codfish

>>>11/2/2007 10:35 AM >>>
beautiful bonny bought berries

>>> Penny 11/2/2007 9:56 AM >>>
Angry Angelina ate apples….