10 Word Review – Ebertfest – July And Half of August (short)

Realism. Writing. Gritty. Emotion. Relationships. Life. Curiosity. Monochrome. Simple. Creative. Yes. 

10 Word Review – Independence Day: Resurgence

independence-day-resurgenceExpected. Disappointing. Uninspired. Action. Cast. Characters. Ho. Hum. Dull. No.

10 Word Review – Star Trek Beyond

star-trek-beyondAction. Story. Cast. Stranded. Fun. Rollicking. Jaylah. Relationships. Team. Yes.

10 Word Review – Coming Through the Rye

ryeSalinger. Cast. Exploration. Sweet. Dialogue. Relationships. Passage. Courage. Love. Yes.

10 Word Review – Inferno

infernoDisappointing. Unfulfilled. Cast. Rushed. Score. Kinetic. Locations. Virus. Potential. No.

10 Word Review – Criminal

criminalClunky. Incomplete. Action. Cast. Concept. Miss. Mediocre. Unsurprising. Unoriginal. No.

10 Word Review – Sully

sullyTrue. Intense. Skill. Emotional. Cast. Birds. Effects. Rescues. Classy. Yes.