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Not exactly the most clear photo, but I had to include it here. I took this one with the iphone in a darker room. ah well… it still captured the essence of the night. Sushi, with friends. We met up with the pod (there are eight of us all together) to help celebrate and send off two of our friends on their trip to Peru. We met the night of October 30. They left early October 31. So far, according to the Facebook updates anyway, they look like they are having a spectacular time. Can’t wait to see the photos when they get back.

The Tower

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After our tubing adventure last Saturday we all went to Edgefield. The McMenamins establishment that’s out in Troutdale. I’ve never seen a group of hungrier women. We were all so famished we could have eaten almost anything. Fortunately, even though they were packed and we had to wait a while to get a table, once we got seated our service was pretty darn good. The beer and the food started flowing almost immediately and we were in heaven.

After River Food and Brew

After River Food and Brew, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

We went inner tubing yesterday on the Sandy River.  Spent 5 hours on the river with 7 spectacular women.  Thanks ladies for making it a great day.  So relaxing, so peaceful, so much fun, and so tired and hungry by the time we were done.  We headed to McMenamins Edgefield for some grub after getting off the water.  We had to wait a while, 30-40 minutes, but once we sat down the service was pretty good and the food tasted awesome.  I’ll post some shots of the tubing experience soon.

On the subject of the actual tubing experience I have to say this… we didn’t die.  Everyone we told we were going to go tubing on the Sandy, and I mean everyone, said to us… be careful, people die there every year.  They also said the water was really cold.  OK, the water was cold, but none of us got really cold until the last hour or so.  Before that it was lovely.  It actually felt good to be in it.  My recommendation though is that if you’re going to do it put in at Oxbow Park (which we did) and get out at Dabney Park (which we didn’t).  We continued on past Dabney to Lewis and Clark Park and we all felt, at the end of the day, that it was slightly too long and also so much more crowded between Dabney and Lewis and Clark.  The river runs slower there as well… sort of meanders.  Probably OK if you just throw your tube or whatever other floation device you have with you and just want to have a leisurely 2 hour float, but we are women of action and loved that there were more rapids up above on the Oxbow to Dabney section.  By rapids I mean maybe 2+, nothing crazy or anything.  We are not women of THAT much action, especially since this was our first time tubing since our teenage years.  We also saw some deer and many birds on the upper section, where from Dabney to Lewis and Clark we only saw people.  Loads of them.  We had to keep navigating our pod around them.  Or should I say Maggie, iron woman, had to keep navigating us around them.  Maggie kept getting out and walking, pushing us along as we all clung together.  I think she was just ready to be done, ready for some food and a beer.  She rocked.

We had a great time yesterday.  9 women, 7 tubes (one for the ice chest), and a raft.  5 hours of floating.  5 hours of chills and some spills and hot sun and cold water and laughter and water guns and mini footballs and laughter and rapids and sun burn and booty up and wild life viewing and peaceful enjoyment of nature.  5 hours spent with spectacular friends having an amazing day.  Does life get any better?


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A little refreshment in Oregon.

Taken July 11, 2008 with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.


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The table at Nonna Emilia, Hillsboro, Oregon.

Taken with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.


Salad Roll?, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Salad Roll in Portland, Oregon.

Taken with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.

Storm Approaching

Storm Approaching, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Continued weekend recap… We hung out at the house most of the late afternoon on Sunday. Just the four of us relaxing and trying to stay cool. Originally we’d planned on firing up the fire pit and roasting some stuff for dinner, but then… weather change. The clouds started to roll in, the thunder could be heard in the distance, and a few rain drops indicated a cookout might not be the way to go… so, plan b. We headed over to Broadway and some dinner at Aztec Willies where we enjoyed some decent Mexican food, a margarita, and the viewing of some of the Olympic swimming trials. A very nice dinner. This photo was taken with my iPhone camera just after we crossed over the Freemont Bridge toward downtown. Pretty cool sky that night.

Lemon With That Water

Location: Mexican restaurant

Subjects: Older couple enjoying a dinner out

I’m perplexed. Ok, maybe not really perplexed. Maybe I’m just shaking my head due to the fact that there was this older couple sitting across the little aisle from us last night and they were so stereotypical of what you might expect out of people who looked like they did. She with her jewelry and pinched expression and he with his izod sweater and khaki shorts. Though I did keep thinking they might be on a date, even a first date, which would make them a bit less stereotypical, and might have explained some of the uncomfortable vibes coming off their table. And I hope I don’t sound too mean, because sounding mean isn’t my intention. I’m not trying to be. It’s just that their behavior was not exactly friendly, or even respectful, and I didn’t think it would be, just based on their attire, their expressions, and their entrance. I wanted to be pleasantly surprised by them… I wasn’t.

First, they sat and ordered drinks… he a beer to go with his food, she some lemon to go in her water. She tried to order a number 13 with chicken without even really looking at the young woman giving them the water and putting the basket of chips and accompanying salsa on the table. The gentleman with her hurriedly said to her, as if embarrassed that she didn’t know the rules, she doesn’t take the order, she just brings the water and the chips. The woman, with a very strong southern accent, said… oh, Ok. She seemed nervous to be there, uncomfortable. But then again, if this was a date she very well might have been uncomfortable because of that. Could be, right…

After they get their beer and their lemon, the waitress comes to take their order who, by the way, is the same one waiting on us and also someone we like very much, and the older gent says to her, we thought you forgot about us over here…. even though it hadn’t been that long at all. Maybe 5 to 10 minutes. He tried to laugh while he said it, but he wasn’t kidding, and the waitress wasn’t laughing. Plus, they already had their beverages, with lemon, and their chips and salsa… what’s the rush. The woman then, in the same voice as earlier, without looking at the waitress, says… number 13 with chicken. The man orders his, I can’t remember what, without cheese. After ordering they make small talk about surgeries and insurance and property left to her by her father that was worth a lot for the good part of the property, but the bad part, all marsh, hasn’t sold yet and how the guy was in Texas and didn’t understand how people could live in mobile homes like that because they, to him, were inhabitable. They stop only to ask for more salsa, because she can’t eat the onions and only dips her chips in the sauce, when a young gentleman came to fill up their water glasses. He brought her more salsa.

Then the food comes, and they pray. After praying they start to eat, and hardly say another word. I mean… nothing. They eat as if they’re sitting there alone, not with each other… and that’s it. Fini.

I wonder… will I be like that? Not really paying any attention to the people working hard to bring me the food I’ve ordered or to fill the water in my glass. Will I not notice them, or when I do will I just give them a bad time about how they aren’t doing their job well, or how they’ve disappointed me by not doing it exactly as I’d like them to. Will I forget to show them respect for just being the human beings they are. I hope not.

I hope I don’t forget that they are just people who, like me, have a job. They go to work, have good days and bad, and then they go home to their lives, their friends, and their families. I hope I never get to the place that I don’t look them in the eyes or talk to them. We had a long drawn out conversation with our waitress, who also waited on the couple next to us, about her former business (she owned a coffee shop we used to frequent that had been fairly successful, but decided it took too much out of her life, that it had become her life, and she didn’t want to live like that anymore. Her solution… go to work as a waitress where she can make pretty decent money working for her brothers who own the restaurant we were in last night and who have mostly family working there… very cool, and good for her). I hope I always remember to smile, and to look people in the eye, and to be gracious. I hope I remember that we are all, to the last of us living on this tiny spinning globe, human beings with feelings, thoughts, hopes, and lives we’re living.

So far, I hope, I think I’m OK with all of that… I’m on point. I’m a person who usually thinks the best of people, or wants to anyway. And in thinking about what happened… the older couple at the table across the aisle from us, well… they too are people, maybe doing the best they could to have a night out. And maybe they were just having a bad day. Maybe they were feeling a bit off or out of sorts. Yeah, maybe that’s why they were a little less than friendly, a little less than respectful. Could be. Maybe…


Dinner With Friends, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Dinner with friends in Oregon.

Taken with the iPhone camera.