A Pop of Kindness

img_2461We decided to go with a fun act of kindness today.  We taped a couple of packages of microwave popcorn to a Redbox outside a local Walgreens.  The signs said, “Enjoy some popcorn with your movie”.  We hope someone does!



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Our Last Day In Lancaster was spent hanging out at Mary and Martin’s place, taking a jaunt to the Cornish Bakery for a couple of pasties and Cafe Nero for some chai, packing, grocery shopping with Mary, going to the University to pick up a couple of t-shirts, and going to dinner at The Meeting House to celebrate a great vacation and a wonderful visit with the kids.

We had a great time in England and Spain and are already thinking about where we want to venture to on our next trip over. Luckily we won’t have to wait too long to see the kids again as we’re going to meet them in New Orleans in January which we’ll follow with a week long visit here in Portland.

As for Lancaster and our trip. We loved Mary and Martin’s house and the town. It’s nice to feel good about where they are, having now had the chance to see it for ourselves. I know that Karen, especially, feels that. It’s good to know they’re OK. And in fact, they are better than OK, which is so very nice.

I guess, since I’m writing this two days after returning while sitting at my desk at work, I should say a big thanks to Darla and Kevin for house-sitting. Weston was in good hands and we very much appreciate your time and attention with the little man.

And now… well now it’s time to get my head back in the work game. It’s tough, always, when one comes back from vacation and is still not totally acclimated to the work environment. They key word here is… concentration. Yeah, that’s right… I must concentrate. Say it like a mantra… concentrate… concentrate…