Walking After Ebertfest

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We got into Urbana last night after a LONG day of driving with enough time to find a branch of our Illinois bank and make a deposit, give Kev a mini driving tour of the cities, and have a cup of custard at the Custard Cup. No time left to upload photos and blog about yesterday’s journey. I promise to do it tonight from our room in Chicago… Including a post about events today.

We said goodbye to the bean this morning… Leaving it and it’s contents in the good hands of Charlie and Jennie. Jennie was kind enough to give us a ride back into town to the train station so we could check in, and then to the Kopi cafe for a nice sit down cup of coffee. That place is a keeper and we had a really nice chat with Jennie. She then went the extra mile and brought us back to the train station where she was finally rid of us. What a great lady. Really like her.

So here we are… Waiting for the train and the next part of our adventure!

First Stop Hood River

First stop on the Parker sibling great American road trip… Oregon to Illinois… Finds outr intrepid adventurers in Hood River getting gas, a coffee refill, and subway healthy breakfast sandwichs. We are off to a great start folks…. And the sun is starting to peak through!