10 Word Review – Mr. Mercedes (book)

mr-mercedesCharacters. Writing. Detective. Surprises. Suspense. Weaknesses. Enjoyable. Pace. Depth. Yes.

10 Word Review – Devil in the White City (book)

21996True. Crime. Architecture. Period. Feel. Murder. Mayhem. Progress. Congruent. Yes.

10 Word Review – Time Is a River (book)

2386839Fiction. Fishing. Change. Discovery. Strength. Solitude. Mystery. Cabin.  Textured. Yes.

10 Word Review – Our Souls at Night (book)

23602562Sweet. Quiet. Meaningful. Sincere. Simple. Beautiful. Poignant. Wonderful. Human. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (book)

693208Kid. Witty. Intellect. Smart. Warm. Triumphs. Courage. Cartoons. Heart. YES.

10 Word Review – The Road (book)

3629815Desolate. Intense. Horrors. Survival. Love. Perseverance. Purity. Ash. Story. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Girl With All The Gifts (book)

17235026Writing. Unique. Hungry. Story. Perspective. Fungus. Dystopian. Compelling. Haunting. Yes.