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Today is our little mister’s 8th birthday.  Currently he’s curled up in the chair in the corner of our living room sleeping.  He’s as cute as he’s ever been.  I love him so.

Our boy has brought so much joy, love, happiness, and adventure into our lives.  He is very affectionate, mischievous, hellaciously smart, loving, loyal, protective, playful, and insistent.  I say insistent because he pretty much demands attention when he wants it.  Pet me, play with me, feed me, pet me, give me love, I love you, I love you, I love you, love me, pet me now.  He has his annoying habits, of course, like stealing things.  We have to be pretty vigilant about kleenex and food and items on our metro shelf he thinks he might want to eat.  He steals from the shred bin in K’s office, off of tables, from inside backpacks he’s managed to unzip (an incident that led to a call to doggie poison control and a force feeding of hydrogen peroxide, which worked by the way).  He’s ingenious, and that ingenuity can be frustrating, but it’s also admirable.  He doesn’t give up.  I think he does it sometimes just to see if he can.  He’s tenacious.

Our little man can also be testy and nippy and down right semi-ferocious if the right opportunity presents itself.  Like when he steals something really good then hunkers down, dens, to protect it.  It’s not a time to reach in and try to get whatever it is from him.  We’ve all been gnashed at and nipped, we’ve all been trained to know he means business.  He can’t help it, he’s been this way since we brought him home all those years ago.  We think it’s because we got him so young, and that he didn’t have as much training from his mama as he should have, which may or may not be the reason.  It doesn’t really matter, it’s his way, his personality, and we know it.  We’ve always said he’s Doctor Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.  Most of the time he’s the most loving, affectionate, cuddly dog you’ve ever met.  He’s happiest getting pets and giving kisses.  He wants to be touched all the time.  This can also be annoying, but how can you resist that face?  We can’t.  We love him.  And I love that about him.  When Mr. Hyde comes out, well… we know that guy too.  The one you don’t want to challenge.  When he has something he’s protecting, or he doesn’t want to be picked up in a certain way, it’s best to leave him be.  He lets you know that.  You always know where you stand with him, and what he wants.  He’s a passionate guy.

He’s been with us all but the first six weeks of his eight years.  During that time he’s traveled with us on many of our adventures: enjoying romps in the sand and sun; games of fetch in creeks and streams; walks in so many different places on so many different paths; travels in the car; sleeps in tents and trailers and hotel rooms; playing chuck-it in fields and parks; and playing ball inside of hotel rooms and the houses of family and friends.  He’s an excellent travel companion, a great little traveler.  We say this about he and Riley every time we hit the road.

What can I say, we love him.  I love him.  I can’t believe, and I say this all the time about him, about both of our pups actually, how much I do love him.  Life is so much richer with him in our lives.  So much more joyous.  There’s so much more laughter, love, fun, and cuddling because of him.  I am constantly amazed by how much I do love him.  What’s great is that he loves me, he loves us, right back.

Happy birthday to our beautiful, wonderful, fascinating, little mister.  Life with him is truly sweet.

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Weston And Hedgie
Weston And Hedgie (Photo credit: Tj Parker Photography)

Our boy turns seven today.  Seven years of love and snuggles and play and joy and laughter and smiles and exasperation and sweetness and tail wagging and pawing and cuddle-time and barks and bullies and deep soulful looks.  Happy birthday little man, we love you so.

Weston at Saturday Market

Weston and Hedgehog
Weston and Hedgehog (Photo credit: Tj Parker Photography)
Sir Weston
Sir Weston (Photo credit: Tj Parker Photography)
Weston (Photo credit: Tj Parker Photography)
Weston in the creeper
Weston in the creeper (Photo credit: Tj Parker Photography)
Weston (Photo credit: Tj Parker Photography)

24796_404765740801_7018631_n 1174170454_4840230606_o 20111208-150746.jpg Standing on the Desk


Sleeping Boy Riding IMG_2096 IMG_0259 p_2048_1536_77867677-DF06-4E2F-80E3-842E3B7CF562.jpeg

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Oregon Odyssey – Day Two

Today was a long day on the road.  By choice we went an extra bit today so we could have a short day tomorrow.  More time in Santa Fe when we get there.  Because today was so long we didn’t do much stopping.  Gas, food, rest stops, and just two extra little stops.  One at the World’s Largest Fork in Springfield, MO and the other to photograph the Coleman Theater in Miami, OK where Don Hale used to go as a young gent.



Impressions from the day:

Great coffee this morning from Mudhouse Coffee in Springfield, MO.  I regret not buying a t-shirt.  There was great art on the walls… many black and white photographs of people in white who had mud on them.  Loved it.  Also a great dinner tonight from Tyler’s Barbeque in Amarillo, TX.  The barbecue was Texas sized.  Sadly I think we threw away nearly as much as we ate.  Our room still smells of barbecue.  I think it was the best barbecue I’ve ever had.  All in all a very successful food and beverage day.

Image 1

Today was a scorcher … the thermostat in the rig topped out at 106.  It was so hot that when we stopped for our second cup of coffee in Oklahoma City the little girlie started hyperventilating and had to be carried back to the car.  She is a tad bit of a drama queen, but it was also hot hot hot.  A dry heat.

We are now fugitives in Oklahoma.  A tip for anyone driving on the Oklahoma Turnpike… there are not always attendants at the toll plazas meaning you have to have exact change.  We made it all the way to our last booth and then only had a $20.  There was a change machine, but it only took $1 and $5.  We looked at each other, saw the cars behind us lining up, looked at the red light which told us we couldn’t go unless we threw in the change we didn’t have, and we went on through anyway.  As we did the alarms went off at the booth.  I’m sure, if they took our photo as this happened, the people reviewing it will be cracking up.  Our facial expressions were a combo of amusement, consternation, shock, horror, and guilt.  Very funny.  I think we were both gesturing…. arms up in the air as if to say… what are we supposed to do in this situation?

In two days we’ve seen two enormous crosses.  One in Effingham, Illinois, and the other in some un-named little Texas town we passed.  They were pretty much equal in size.


It rained on us today for awhile.  It was nice and decently cool while it was raining.  Then it got hot (see above).

We waved at Mangum, OK and Pryor, OK as we passed the exits with those names and then chatted about K’s childhood a bit.  She spent a lot of time in Oklahoma as a kid and it’s always fun talking about that.   Someday we need to do more than just drive through.  I’d love to see where she was born and some of the places she’s told me stories about.

We started this morning at 10:00… after getting coffee and photographing the fork, which I know sounds late, and got to Amarillo at 7:30.  Nine and a half hours on the road.  Tomorrow we have a short day, only four hours of driving.  Who knows what adventure we’ll find.  I love road trips.


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After A Walk

After A Walk, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Had to post this little number. Karen and I took a walk, with the pups, around the Belmont neighborhood last weekend. It was gorgeous out and gorgeous weather always calls for a walk. The dogs, of course, love it when we go on a walkabout. They were a bit thirsty, as you would expect, by the time we got back to the car. Riley is in the red collar, and Weston is behind her.

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16, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

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I Have Stuff On My Face

I Have Stuff On My Face, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Yep… she does.

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The Little One

The Little One, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

A little closer in. She’s really lookin’ at me.

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Where’s Riley?

Where’s Riley?, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

The little girl likes to be up in the addition when Karen is up there. So cute. i took several pictures of her today. I have to post some of them.

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Running Man

Running Man, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Weston going a pretty good clip toward me. I’m sitting on the bricks of the raised bed where I was looking at the addition straight on before I turned toward the little man.

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Out For A Walk

Out For A Walk, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

The dogs love going for walks. So much to smell, so much to see, people to greet (and bark at depending on which dog you are), loads of stuff to pee on. It’s a grand grand thing going for a walk is.

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Hunting Chipmunks

Hunting Chipmunks, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

The mighty chipmunk hunters in action. Sticking their heads in the very hole those pesky chipmunks were sticking their heads out of a second ago.

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Little Miss

Little Miss, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Riley had never been camping before. I think she liked it. Chipmunks to chase, sleeping in a sleeping bag, running around off leash, barking at anyone who walked in her vicinity. She had a blast.

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Weston, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Here he is… the handsome boy looking intently at Karen’s slice of pizza hoping for a bite. He ended up with a couple of pieces of sauceless crust. As did the little girl. What can we say… we’re suckers for the looks they give us.

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Lovin’ The Street Fair

Lovin’ The Street Fair, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Riley was, again, a pretty good girl with the crowds yesterday. She got a bit overwhelmed and had to be carried when we wandered around in the dense thick of it, but she didn’t bark very much and she was pretty brave. She’s taking a break in this one, waiting for her mums to finish up their slices of pizza so she can get back at it. Or, perhaps she’s saying… forget it, I’m done… take me to the car. Yeah… that might have been it.

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What’s Over There?

What’s Over There?, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

This is Weston at Hondo Dog Park looking through the fence over to where the big dog area is. He might have been fancying himself as a big dog, but he’d never make it over there. He loves big dogs, but when he’s with them he spends most of his time laying down being submissive to them. He’s no fool.

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Little Girly

Little Girly, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

She is so darn cute. And so is her milk mustache. Simply… adorable.

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Peeking, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Weston has been to Hondo a few times. Most of the time he’s sort of been like the little kid who is so shy they stand on the sidelines, waiting to be noticed or picked. We always sort of felt bad for him and tried to encourage him to get out there and play. This time, finally, he did that, even if it was just a little bit. He chased, he sniffed, he ran around with some of the other dogs. He didn’t do it tons, but he did it. Our little boy is growing up. Yeah, OK, he did still spend a lot of time jumping up into people’s laps. He’s like that. It’s how he rolls. He prefers the loves he can get from people more than the friendship he can get from fellow dogs. Ah well… lover, not fighter. We’re OK with that. And… so is he.

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Shaking It Off

Shaking It Off, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Took the kids to Hondo Dog Park yesterday after work. Perfect weather for it. It was Riley’s first time there. She did pretty well considering she can tend toward the anti-social. She never bites, or even tries to, but she sometimes likes to give a warning high pitched bark or five. Yesterday though… not bad. She didn’t do bad at all. I think there will be many more trips to Hondo in her future.

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Mo, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Ziggy is frequently called Mo. There’s a story behind this, which I won’t go into. Needless to say, these two pups are loved. Oh, and if you’re wondering about Ziggy’s breed. He’s a West Highland Terrier and Pug mix which makes him a Pesty. And… he’s all man. He is one macho little dude. Very sturdy, very strong, and surprisingly, very athletic. This little guy is fast.

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Mr. Ziggy

Mr. Ziggy, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Here he is folks… the one and only Mr. Ziggleston. Known to his friends and family as simply… Ziggy.

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What’s He Doing Anyway?

What’s He Doing Anyway?, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Weston watching Benny demolish a stick. The big guy played really well with our little dude and dudette. They were friends all around.

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Little Buddy

Little Buddy, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Here’s the handsome Weston, or as I seem to refer to him lately, bud… or even more accurately, fuzzy. He gets his hair cut next week. He’s going to be happy about it I think. He’s been a little too hot during all our running around. He’s loved it, the running around that is, but it’s been a little too warm for him what with all his fuzziness.

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The Little Girly

The Little Girly, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Riley and Weston got to come to the soccer game with us on Saturday. I think they had a splendid time. Riley is looking serious here, like she was really into all the soccer game action. Or, perhaps, she just wished she could be out there running around after the soccer ball.