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98/365. And so it begins!

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The Images Are Coming

10543652_10153128637040802_8391498658141029699_nFor several years now I’ve authored more than one blog.  There’s Tam’s Think Tank, where I post everything from movie reviews to essays about life to music I find interesting, the work blog, TJ Parker Photography, and a blog called image-ination, where I’ve done several 365 photography projects over the years.  Keeping the Think Tank and image-ination separate seemed important for a long time, but I’ve streamlined things in my life, simplifying, consolidating. It seems like a natural progression for me to also streamline things in my online life.

In that vein I’ll be closing up shop over at image-ination and migrating all posts over to Tam’s Think Tank so that none of that content will be lost.  I’ll also be creating a new page over here so I can include content about my 365 journey.  It’s my hope the experience I created at image-ination won’t be lost.  I don’t think it will be.  And in fact, I feel like the experience at Tam’s Think Tank, which has gone on for 10 years now, will be enhanced and enriched by this change and the addition of the image-ination content.

For those of you who have followed image-ination and been interested in the images I’ve posted there, I thank you for your interest and your occasional comments on the work.  If you’ve decided to hop on over here and follow the Think Tank, welcome!  I will continue posting images I find interesting, and knowing me, I’m sure I will once again do another 365 at some point.  It was a lovely journey over at image-ination.  I’m looking forward to new and continued adventures over here at the Think Tank!