The Photographer

I have always loved capturing images.  I think from the time I was young and got my first kodak cartridge load camera I was hooked.  There’s something about seeing the world as a photograph, looking at light and shape and form.  I think it pushes a soul more deeply into the world.  Which is all probably a bit too philosophical for a simple profile section.  But hey, that’s what I think…. how I feel.

I carry my camera, which is now a Canon 5D Mark II, with me most places.  I never want to be without it because you never know when a good moment, or a beautiful scene of one sort or another, will just be there, right in front of you.

The photo included here of me was taken during a snorkeling trip in Belize.  Notice I have a instant camera ready for water in my hand.  It didn’t take super clear shots, but it took them.  And I guess that’s what it boils down to, just pointing a camera and shooting.  Capturing my own vision of a thing.  Seeing if I can recreate or better create what my eyes see.  It’s a constant quest, an ever present challenge.  Taking photographs is a place and facility in my life for finding joy, creating art, and being a part of the larger world.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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