The weather outside is frightful, but the “fire” is so delightful.

Here is @morehipnow channeling her dad and fixing our Tiffany lamp.

Ready Set Ghost by Curb Service

Six Americana Tales by Curb Service

Make a wish

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here…

This is me right before I took a bite out of the turkey

Saturday Walkabout

10 Word Review – Mortal Engines

Dystopian. Concept. Original. Action. Effects. Flying. Cast. Adventure. Story. Yes.

#neurohacknovember I’m grateful for gorgeous fall evenings..

10 Word Review – The Lost Weekend

Kinetic. Milland. Alcohol. Timeless. Relevant. Demons. Cinematography. Difficult. Wyman. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Greed. Cast. Desperation. Gold. Crazed. Huston. Direction. Cameos. Intense. Yes.

10 Word Review – Land Ho!

SONY-LHOS-01_27x40_hires_041314 .indd

Dudes. Vacation. Raunchy. Old. Iceland. Vibe. Springs. Buddies. Beach. Yes.

10 Word Review – Third Person

Muddled. Cast. Potential. Disappointing. Stilted. Overblown. Meanness. Madness. Loss. No.

After the chicken burrito…

This little girl loves nature walks…

I’m grateful for nice places to go hiking… #neurohacknovember

Up on the roof

Imagine a country whose citizens—maybe even its leaders—are brave, calm, and open towards each other; a country whose people realize that all human beings belong together as one family and must act accordingly; a country guided by Common Sense.
Photo by TJ Parker

#neurohacknovember I’m grateful for warm days in November…

We went out for a walk earlier…

Chicken and dumplings made with gluten free cheese & herb biscuits… It smells so good in here…

#neurohacknovember I am grateful every day for this spitfire of a little girl. She is full of personality and spunk even as she gets older and things get harder for her. She brings so much joy to our lives.

This was my #neurohacknovember post from yesterday that, with everything going on, I forgot to post… I’m grateful for the birds that visit our backyard. They are varied and diverse and so much fun to watch.

A Little Feel Good Music

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