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Songs of Hope And Sorrow: Party of One

I have loved Brandi Carlile’s music for a long time. Since the beginning. 2005 or 2006. She’s a sneaker wave. Out there, picking up momentum, rolling in. This year she’s finally getting some good recognition, having just won three Grammys. Her songwriting and incredible voice are both amazing. This one, Party of One, off of her latest album, By The Way, I Forgive You, is a favorite. The album is all about forgiveness, in its many forms. I love that. A whole album about forgiving, being forgiven. Party of One is about a couple who is struggling, feeling like it’s impossible, but in the end, you know there is this one person for you and you love them. No matter how mad you get, no matter what the struggle, “I am yours”. I love the strings, in the end, soaring. It captures that feeling so well of coming back to someone, remembering you love them, that in the end, the love is all that really matters. This is the second video for this song. On the album, it’s just Brandi singing, but here Sam Smith does a one of a kind assist. His voice, also incredible, marries so well. Enjoy.

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Songs of Hope and Sorrow – You Were Born

Our granddaughter just had her first birthday. She is light and love and magic. She has the biggest grin imaginable, her face scrunching all up, eyes getting narrow, and her mouth, with it’s little fangs, gets huge. Light beams out of her. Her smile matches her personality. Curious, determined to keep up with her older brothers, tenacious when she has to be, smiley, tough, adventurous, affectionate, loves to laugh, loves books, loves life. She is joy.

I have a personal tradition, started with Sebastian, where I find a song that means something to me as it relates to each particular grandchild. I will post the boy’s songs here in the next week some time, but today I thought I’d post Tessa’s.

I have no idea what made this song Tessa’s for me. It has always worked like that, for each of them. I hear a song, and for whatever reason it attaches itself to them, and to my heart. From that moment on I can’t hear it without thinking of them, and I can’t stop myself from crying. Tears of happiness, tears of being so grateful I’m in their little lives and they are in mine. I can’t hear these songs without getting the feeling that my heart could burst from all the love I feel for them.

I give you Tessa’s song, You Were Born, by Cloud Cult

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Songs of Hope and Sorrow – Sky Blue and Black

I do a lot of movie reviews on this site, as well as the occasional book review. Those are definitely two of my passions, but I’d have to say above those, far above those, is my love of music. Music has always helped me to express things I wasn’t able to with words and reflected back feelings in myself, both joyous and tragic, I sometimes wasn’t even aware I was feeling. It has been a basic means of life support in my life. In that vein I’m going to start a recurring segment here on the blog called Songs of Hope and Sorrow. Other than a semi-catchy title, the segment will basically be songs I love (not necessarily current, not necessarily main stream), music that’s effected me deeply in some way.

First out of the gate I bring you Sky Blue and Black, by Jackson Browne. I was looking at other music today, listening to quite a variety of stuff, which then inspired me to look up some greatest song writer lists. Jackson Browne was on all of the lists I looked at. I thought to myself, I love Jackson Browne and haven’t listened to him in awhile. I went immediately to this song, which is my favorite of his, and put it on. When people think of him they probably think of The Pretender and Running on Empty. I love those as well, but for some reason this song has always spoken to me on a deep level. It’s a song of love and loss and heartache, and the writing is pure poetry.

I give you Sky Blue and Black, by Jackson Browne