10 Word Review – Ebertfest: Cold War

Beautiful. Framing. Actors. Riveting. Music. Time. Moving. Tragic. Monochrome. YES.

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10 Word Review – Ebertfest: Cœur fidèle

Beautiful. Close-ups. Dire. Melancholy. Silent. Petite. Paul. Music. Alloy. Yes.

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Snow and Light



I took this one at the kid’s wedding in January 2010.  I love this.  Dave, the father of the groom, is enjoying a beverage and smiling at the kid’s dancing.  This photo captured the feel of the reception all in one shot.


I took this one at Davis Lake, Oregon.  Central Oregon is a fantastic place.  There’s an endless variety of places/things to shoot.  Not long after this shot was taken a bald eagle flew over head, landed, and started fishing.  I wasn’t quick enough to get a great shot.  Sometimes it’s better to live in the moment than to shoot it.


Put Your Foot Down

National Monument

We went to Edinburgh Scotland… this is the National Monument that sits up on a hill overlooking the city.  Great walk up there, fantastic day, such a wonderful city.