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Hello Sebastian!

Dear Sebastian,

This is the first post in your new blog.  You probably don’t know you have a blog now, but some day, when you’re older, you’ll know.  Right now blog is probably just a funny word you don’t understand.  That’s OK.

Your Grandmas decided you needed your own space.  Or, I guess more accurately, we needed a space where we could write you “letters” and post photos of all the things we do together.  That way, when you are older, you will be able to look back on everything we’ve done together and the things that have happened in your life.  Pretty cool.  Or at least we hope you think it’s cool.

Of course, we didn’t think of this until just recently, so we are starting a little late.  You are now almost 14 months old.  It’s actually October 25, 2011.  Since your Grandmas are lame in starting late we thought we would use our sketchy memories and powers for recent time travel and actually “start” this blog just before your first birthday, when we arrived in Illinois after our move from Oregon.  We also thought it might be cool to throw in a few things that happened before you were born and right after you were born.  Sort of catch you up to where we are now.

So… here goes…

You were born in Lancaster, England on September 7, 2010.  Your Grandma Karen was there with you.  She’d flown all that way, from Oregon to England, just to be there when you arrived.  That’s pretty far.  Grandma Tam wanted to be there with you too, but she was sick in the hospital and couldn’t make the trip.  When your Mommy went into labor your Grandma Karen drove her and your Daddy to the hospital.  This freaked out your Grandma a little because they drive funny in England and Grandma didn’t know how to drive there.  Luckily it wasn’t far and she managed to get you, your Mommy, and your Daddy all there safely.  After a while at the hospital you were born. Everyone was so happy to see you.

Grandma Karen called Grandma Tam right away to tell her you were here.  Grandma Karen also sent a picture of you.  Grandma Tam was so happy she cried.

It was such a great thing, you coming into the world.  We’d been waiting for you for a long time, since we heard your Mommy was going to have you.  We loved you right from the beginning.

Your Grandma Karen got to stay with you for about three weeks after you were born. She loved every minute she had with you and would call me a whole lot telling me stories about how you were already growing and changing.  You were an amazing guy even then.

After those three weeks were up your Grandma had to fly back to her house in Oregon and to Grandma Tam.  She missed you right away.  So did I, even though I hadn’t met you yet.  Being apart was really hard.  Grandma talked with you and sang to you over the computer every day.  She would sing the same songs over and over to you, Patty Cake and If You’re happy and You Know It and Itsy Bitsy Spider.  She sang them so much to you you knew them when you finally got to be with her and me again at Christmastime.

At Christmastime, when you were just three months old your Grandmas came to see you in England.  Grandma Tam was really excited because I hadn’t met you yet and got to meet you for the first time.  We got to spend five whole weeks with you over Christmas and New Years.  It was your first Christmas so it was a pretty big deal.  You, your Mommy, and your Daddy, got really sick over Christmas.  We thought it was the swine flu.  You had a temperature and so did your parents.  It sort of sucked, but luckily it only lasted for a few days.  The rest of the time we were there we went shopping with you, played with you, held you, sang to you, danced with you, watched you in your Bumbo, and just hung out with you at home.  It was so much fun.

The next time we saw you was in March when you and your Mommy and Daddy flew to Oregon to spend some time at our house.  It was your first plane ride and your first time in the U.S.  You got to meet our dogs, Weston and Riley, your Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Don, your Grandma Julie, and also your Great Grandparents.  They were all so happy to meet you.  Your Great Grandparents drove all the way up from California just to see you.  And your Uncle Don and Aunt Carolyn flew all the way from Florida.  You’re a pretty popular fellow, everyone always wanting to travel just to see you.  We had a lot of fun during that visit.  You jumped in your jumper, slept in a playpen in our office, went to the park, and used a tiny high chair that strapped onto a kitchen chair.  It was a blast.

When you left our house in April, after you were done visiting, we knew we weren’t going to see you for a few months.  This made us sad, but Grandma Karen talked to you, sang to you, and played games with you every day on the computer until then. Grandma Tam peeked in every once in awhile to say hello too.

In June your Grandmas traveled to Illinois to buy a house.  At that time we knew you were going to live in Illinois so we decided, because we loved you so much, that we should live in Illinois too so we could be close to you and see you all the time.  Moving was a big deal for your Grandmas because we loved our house in Oregon and we had a lot of family there, but you are such an important guy in our lives we knew we didn’t want to live far away from you any more.

When you moved to Illinois from England in July Grandma Karen flew to Illinois from Oregon to meet you and your parents and get the keys to our house.  You and your parents lived in our house for the first month you lived in Illinois.  You didn’t have much when you lived here in the way of furniture, but you had a warm place to stay until your Mommy and Daddy bought a house.

When we moved to Illinois from Oregon in August we packed up all of our stuff into a big truck and drove it out here.

When we got to Illinois in August you were already here.  Yay!!  We were so excited to see you!  And so excited to be living near you.

In the last two and and a half months since we moved here your Grandmas have had a lot of fun with you.  We’ve been to the Sweet Corn Festival, the Arcola Cheese Festival, the Children’s Museum in Decatur, to parks, on walks, to the library, to your first swimming lesson, your first music lesson, celebrated your first birthday with you, watched you ride your Wonder Horse, and have played a lot with you. Your Mommy and Daddy even let Grandmas babysit you for a whole weekend when they went to Aunt Ashley’s wedding.  We played and played while they were gone.

And in fact, you were just here today.  We played at our house.. singing to you, playing with your friends (Tiger, Jack, and Triceratops), playing outside in your fort, and we gave you a little monkey that we hid in the cupboard until you found it.  Your Mommy brings you by almost every Tuesday after you go to the little gym.  We haven’t been to the little gym with you yet, but we hope to do that soon.  We love getting to see you a lot now.  It’s why moving here was such a good idea.  You and your Grandmas get to hang out all the time. Which we happen to think is pretty cool.

So this is the start of your blog.  We hope you like it.  Actually, we hope you love it.  By trying to keep up with this, writing to you here pretty often, we hope to keep a record of our time with you so you know all the fun stuff we’ve done and will do together.  We hope you get a kick out of it.  And… by putting all this here we hope to create a place, a space, where we will always be with you.  If you are away at college and need a laugh or to smile, hopefully you will think to look here where there will be smiles and hugs and lots of love waiting for you.

Love, Grandmas