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10 Word Review – Ebertfest: Amazing Grace

Exquisite. Uplifting. Music. Amazing. Real. Riveting. Franklin. Pitch. Feel. Yes

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Mr. Suave


I took this one at the kid’s wedding in January 2010.  I love this.  Dave, the father of the groom, is enjoying a beverage and smiling at the kid’s dancing.  This photo captured the feel of the reception all in one shot.


So I thought I should start posting random pictures I’ve taken just for the fun of it.  This one was taken at a wedding in Chicago.  I happen to have also been the Rev for this wedding so I wore two hats that day.  Marry the happy couple in between taking before and after shots.  This was one we took after the wedding.  The light was gorgeous just then.  Perfect for a romp in the recently fallen snow.