10 Word Review – The Rise of Magicks: Chronicles of the One, Book 3

Absorbing. Emotional. Satisfying. Pace. Story. Heart. Fun. Dystopian. Magic. YES.

10 Word Review – No Matter The Wreckage (book)

no-matter-the-wreckagePoems. Considered. Captivating. Emotion. Pictures. Language. Luminous. Feel. Riveting. YES.

10 Word Review – March (Book #1)

marchInspirational. History. Biography. Graphic. Non-violence. Lewis. Incredible. Love. Change. YES.

10 Word Review – Mr. Mercedes (book)

mr-mercedesCharacters. Writing. Detective. Surprises. Suspense. Weaknesses. Enjoyable. Pace. Depth. Yes.

10 Word Review – Incorrect Merciful Impulses (book)

24796307Poetry. Rich. Layered. Textured. Witty. Emotional. Direct. Lyrical. Provocative. YES.

10 Word Review – Devil in the White City (book)

21996True. Crime. Architecture. Period. Feel. Murder. Mayhem. Progress. Congruent. Yes.

10 Word Review – Time Is a River (book)

2386839Fiction. Fishing. Change. Discovery. Strength. Solitude. Mystery. Cabin.  Textured. Yes.

10 Word Review – Seveneves (book)

22816087Dystopian. Space. Survival. Long. Intense. World. Writing. Characters. Complex. Yes.

The Current Isolationism

IMG_3123The Current Isolationism

In the half-light, I am most
at home, my shadow
as company.

When I feel hot, I push a button
to make it stop. I mean this stain on my mind
I can’t get out. How human

I seem. Like modern man,
I traffic in extinction. I have a gift.
Like an animal, I sustain.

A flock of birds
when touched, I scatter. I won’t approach
until the back is turned.

My heart betrays. I confess: I am afraid.
How selfish of me.
When there’s no one here, I halve

the distance between
our bodies infinitesimally.
In this long passageway, I pose

against the wallpaper, dig
my heels in, catch the light.
In my vision, the back door opens

on a garden that is always
in bloom. The dogs
are chained so they can’t attack like I know

they want to. In the next yard
over, honeybees swarm
and their sound is huge.

~ CAMILLE RANKINE, Incorrect Merciful Impulses

repetition & repetition &

ours is a long love song,IMG_2371

a push out into the open air,

a stare into the barrel,

a pool of grief puddling

under our single body.

a national shame

amnesia & shame again.

we are a pattern,

a percussive imperative,

a break beat.

we are live

on the airwaves,

until they close,

in the pubs

until they close,

in the schools

until they close.

we are close

to the edge of the city limits.

we are limited to the hood

until we decide we are not.


we are hundreds:

wild until we are free.

wild like amnesia

& shame,

amnesia until

we realize that it’s

crazy to keep forgetting

& we ain’t crazy

baby we are wild.

we are 1.

we are love.

~ Nate Marshall, Wild Hundreds

10 Word Review – Two Weeks in the Midday Sun: A Cannes Notebook (book)

29895341Immersive. Insightful. Writing. Atmosphere. Anecdotes. Feel. Place. Experiences. People. YES.










Some books propel you forward, urging you to get to the next exciting thing, a sort of mad dash to the finish.  When you finally get there you are spent and nearly exhausted by the experience.

Other books, like this one, take their time.  They invite you into the experience, where you walk leisurely down the avenue, trying to drink in all the sights, sounds, and smells around you.

There is nothing wrong with either one.  I find myself enjoying each of them for the very different experiences they bring.  But if I’m honest I would have to say I love these sorts of stories the best.  I savor them.  Enjoying the small details that add a depth and richness not found, or even wanted, in those mad dash books.

If you enjoy taking your time, savoring an experience, a place, soaking up a feeling, then this is the book for you.  Roger Ebert won the Pulitzer, not for this work mind you, but he did, and after reading this I have to say that award was well deserved.  His writing is emotional, empathetic, warm, and true.

“At the little newsstand on the other side of the market, I must buy today’s Herald-Tribune.  I am always the first to ask for it, and the old woman inside the kiosk always has to unsnap the wire around the bundle, and she always has trouble finding her pliers, and this is important, too.”

“You have to understand that nobody  is more impressed by celebrities than other celebrities; having spent a lifetime becoming famous, they value fame more than ordinary people, and are more impressed when they see it.”

10 Word Review – The Bone Clocks (book)

20819685Disjointed. Beautiful. Parts. Voices. Worlds. Vision. Lives. Good. Evil. no.

10 Word Review – Angels and Demons (book)

85302Storytelling. Pace. Story. Characters. Mystery. Propelled. Clues. Fluff. Fun. Yes.

10 Word Review – Wild (book)

12262741Writing. Story. Journey. Life. Epiphany. Grief. Memoir. Flaws. Kindnesses. Yes.

10 Word Review -The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

22318578Funny. Meandering. Self-aggrandizing. Tips. Method. Simplifying. Niche. Quick. No.

10 Word Review – Life After Life (book)

15790842Strange. Time. Choices. Writing. Chances. Snow. Relive. Characters. History. Yes.

10 Word Review – Innocence

17797381Writing. Lyrical. Fairytale. World. Environments. Conversations. Magic. Pace. Compelling. Yes.

10 Word Review – Red Queen (book)

17878931Story. Concept. Adventure. Rebellion. Twist. Magic. Entertaining. Blood. Secrets. Yes.

10 Word Review – Inferno (book)

17212231Mystery. History. Chase. Population. Dante. Transhumanism. Clues. Puzzle. Race. Yes.

“… it grows perhaps the greater.”

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring

10 Word Review – Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

38990Family. Tragedy. Images. Painful. Revealing. Story. Secrets. Discovery. Storytelling. Yes.

10 Word Review – Revival (book)

20926278Disturbing. Characters. Condition. Human. Electricity. Guitar. Layered. Something. Happened. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Shining Girls (book)

16131077Concept. Timelines. Mystery. Dialogue. Characters. Pace. Perspective. Clunky. House. yes.

10 Word Review – Annihilation (Southern Reach #1) (book)

17934530Complicated. Writing. Account. Strange. Mystery. Unsettling. Creepy. Interesting. Sluggish. yes.

10 Word Review – Joyland (book)

13596166Writing. Carny. Mystery. Heartbreak. Ghosts. Intuition. Storytelling. Characters. Good. Yes.