10 Word Review – Roma

Quiet. Beautiful. Poignant. Setting. Mood. Subtle. Family. Luminous. Vibrant. Yes.

10 Word Review: Colette

Knightley. Cast. Biopic. Interesting. Savvy. Writers. Repressed. Ground-breaking. Strong. Yes.

10 Word Review: Puzzle

Quiet. Subtle. MacDonald. Light. Sweet. Nuanced. Writing. Voice. Poignant. Yes.

10 Word Review: Mission Impossible – Fallout

Trite. Slow. Muddled. Sloggish. Tired. Action. Stunts. Unsurprising. Boorish. No.

10 Word Review – Ebertfest – Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World

RumbleMeaningful. Surprising. Music. Wonderful. Sad. Truth. History. Stories. Influence. Yes.

10 Word Review – Ebertfest – The Big Lebowski

lebowskiWit. Man. Abides. Chaotic. Mellow. Fun. Storytelling. Coens. Bowling. Yes.