10 Word Review – From Here to Eternity

Tragedy. Cast. Sad. Angst. Acting. Ennui. Gravitas. Honor. Culture. Yes.

10 Word Review – WALL-E

Heart. Wonder. Music. Awesome. Animation. Story. Connection. Adventure. Friendship. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Apartment

Luminous. MacLaine. Sweet. Relationships. Love. Heartache. Writing. Lemon. Great. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Maltese Falcon

Hyped. Ridiculous. Excessive. Language. Hilarious. Astor. Lorre. Bird. Murder. No.

10 Word Review – Bonnie & Clyde

Beatty. Dunaway. Sad. Interesting. Cast. Ground-breaking. Violent. Inevitable. Pace. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Rise of Magicks: Chronicles of the One, Book 3

Absorbing. Emotional. Satisfying. Pace. Story. Heart. Fun. Dystopian. Magic. YES.

10 Word Review – Some Like it Hot

Classic. Silly. Awkward. Duplicitous. Cast. Music. Scam. Hijinks. Fluff. No.

10 Word Review – All About Eve

Davis. Writing. Bumpy. Witty. Fun. Fame. Obsession. Awesome. Cast. YES.

10 Word Review – Robin Hood

Tired. Stylized. Slick. Cast. Foxx. Fighting. Feeble. Miss. Hipster. No.

10 Word Review – Vice

Cheney. Politics. History. Shrewd. Bale. Adams. Winning. Snappy. Power. Yes.

10 Word Review – Chinatown

Writing. Nose. Tone. Light. Nicholson. Dunaway. Water. Noir. Mystery. Yes.

10 Word Review – Once Upon a Time In… Hollywood

Writing. Cast. Style. Hollywood. Feel. Smart. Direction. Mood. Clips. Yes.

10 Word Review – On The Waterfront

Plodding. Brando. Contender. Malden. Pigeons. Classic. Character. Direction. Unions. Yes.

10 Word Review – Angel Has Fallen

Mixed. Action. Expected. Same. Uninteresting. Nolte. Perabo. Freeman. Unsurprising. No.

10 Word Review – Hustlers

Lopez. Desperation. Money. Strippers. Scam. Tragic. Moments. Sad. Vapid. No.

10 Word Review – Watchmen

Stylish. Funky. Strange. Squids. King. Masks. Writing. Clones. Compelling. Yes.

10 Word Review – Sunset Boulevard

Dramatic. Moody. Overacted. Miserable. Sparring. Swanson. Close. Obsession. Madness. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Sisters Brothers

Silly. Forgettable. Disappointing. Violent. Unnecessary. Spider. Bear. Ridiculous. Unending. No.

10 Word Review – The Graduate

Visual. Music. Quiet. Angst. Ennui. Drifting. Direction. Light. Bancroft. Hoffman. Yes.

Visiting Old Things

I’m going to revisit some of my old photography and posts. January is going to be a month of reflection. The previous post was one of those. Something I took a few years back.

Natural History – London

358/365. I see you. — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/35Q8JeO

358/365. I see you. — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/35Q8JeO

from Tumblr https://breakopenthesky.tumblr.com/post/189817335271

357/365 Mini Christmas with Tom & Jess — view on Instagram…

357/365 Mini Christmas with Tom & Jess — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/34ITOSh

from Tumblr https://breakopenthesky.tumblr.com/post/189812819141

355/365 The toe socks are a hit! — view on Instagram…

355/365 The toe socks are a hit! — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/2PCOmfz

from Tumblr https://breakopenthesky.tumblr.com/post/189748466311

351/365 He has the whole world on his head… — view on…

351/365 He has the whole world on his head… — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/2YWhlhu

from Tumblr https://breakopenthesky.tumblr.com/post/189730654801