The Things You Find

We have been cleaning and organizing. It’s a great winter activity, which is what prompted it. That and the fact that we couldn’t really walk through or find anything in our storage room. So we cleaned. We had a big bin of old electronics. That’s always my area, since I’m the tech nerd. I made it my mission to go through that box and look at everything, make sure everything was wiped clean and save anything that needed saving. One of the things we had in that box was an old Palm One organizer. Before we had cell phones we had this. A kind of electronic calendar. I used it at work for appointments, meetings, etc. Anyway… it had a card in it. So I took the card out and put it into my computer. What I found was a mini playlist of music. I must have put some stuff on there so I could listen (I don’t even remember it having that function, but obviously it must have) while I waited for an appointment or was stood up by one. This is that playlist. The songs I chose to carry with me on the Palm One. The year? 2005. I think I got my first iPod not long after so I didn’t use the music on the Palm One for very long. I forgot it was even there. Kind of cool though, mining for gold in the stuff you haven’t looked at in years. I also found old home movies on an old MacBook Pro and old photos as well. Awesome.