Smiling With Kindness

handsWe decided, really since we started this whole adventure, but today especially, that we would be mindful of being outwardly open, friendly, chatty, interested, and kind toward whoever we came in contact with.  In all actuality, we are like this for the most part, in our daily lives, but it puts an extra special twist on it when you do it mindfully.  So today, as we ran some errands, we made sure to look people in the eyes, smile at them, be silly, chat, make conversation, shake hands if it was possible.  We ended up getting a lot of smiles in return.  Again, sometimes it’s the smaller things that make all the difference in life.  A smile costs nothing.  Interest in other people as humans costs nothing.  Being a tad silly, and chatty, costs nothing.  And all of those things together show a kindness, an openness, toward other people, which might just make them feel more kind and open as they go through the rest of their day.  Maybe it starts a wave of kindness.  And if not, smiling at people generally gets them to smile back.  It’s worth it.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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