Postmarked With Kindness

fullsizerenderToday’s act of kindness involved sending a few notes to a few people we were thinking of and just wanted to say hello to.  Getting mail is cool.  It makes people smile.  Let’s them know you were thinking of them.  Mail is kind.  Send mail.

Published by Tam

Wife. Dogs. Camera. Grandkids. Music. Words. Travel. Family. Friends. Beauty. Inspiration. Nature. Film. Bike. Life. Food. Wind. Trees. Chocolate. Peace. People. Clouds. Art. Ocean. Fall. Kindness. Joy. Hope.

One thought on “Postmarked With Kindness

  1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve brightened someone’s day just by penning a few lines. And knowing they’ll get something in their letter boxes other than a bill.

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