Kindness is Our Jam

img_2314K makes great jam, so when our mail lady came up to the porch today I handed her a large jar of pear jam.   She was very happy to get it.  I think it might have made her day.  Kindness doesn’t have to cost anything, so be kind and spread joy!


    1. Miriam… We are doing a 25 days of kindness project. An act of kindness every day from Dec. 1 through Christmas. What with all the tension here in the states and our personal feelings about the outcome of the election we needed an outlet, something positive in our lives. Something we could fully control. Something to help us feel like we were attempting to make the world a better place. I recommend it as a sauve for what might ail. It not only makes other people happy and smile, but it helps us as well. 🙂

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