10 Word Review – Mothers and Daughters

mv5bndqymdazmta1m15bml5banbnxkftztgwotaxnjk3ode-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_Sweet. Cast. Stories. Sappy. Likable. Interwoven. Love. Circumstance. Unsurprising. yes.

2 thoughts on “10 Word Review – Mothers and Daughters

  1. Loved this review/comment: “Whoever trashes this film can go F themselves. It saved me when I was having an unbearable bout of depression wondering why my mother and I can’t see eye to eye. Cheaper than therapy. 5 out of 5.”

    1. I concur. Isn’t it amazing what music and movies can do for us when we are upset or disconnected? One of the many reasons I’m such a fan of art in all it’s forms.

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