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repetition & repetition &

ours is a long love song,IMG_2371

a push out into the open air,

a stare into the barrel,

a pool of grief puddling

under our single body.

a national shame

amnesia & shame again.

we are a pattern,

a percussive imperative,

a break beat.

we are live

on the airwaves,

until they close,

in the pubs

until they close,

in the schools

until they close.

we are close

to the edge of the city limits.

we are limited to the hood

until we decide we are not.


we are hundreds:

wild until we are free.

wild like amnesia

& shame,

amnesia until

we realize that it’s

crazy to keep forgetting

& we ain’t crazy

baby we are wild.

we are 1.

we are love.

~ Nate Marshall, Wild Hundreds

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