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Songs of Hope and Sorrow – Sky Blue and Black

I do a lot of movie reviews on this site, as well as the occasional book review. Those are definitely two of my passions, but I’d have to say above those, far above those, is my love of music. Music has always helped me to express things I wasn’t able to with words and reflected back feelings in myself, both joyous and tragic, I sometimes wasn’t even aware I was feeling. It has been a basic means of life support in my life. In that vein I’m going to start a recurring segment here on the blog called Songs of Hope and Sorrow. Other than a semi-catchy title, the segment will basically be songs I love (not necessarily current, not necessarily main stream), music that’s effected me deeply in some way.

First out of the gate I bring you Sky Blue and Black, by Jackson Browne. I was looking at other music today, listening to quite a variety of stuff, which then inspired me to look up some greatest song writer lists. Jackson Browne was on all of the lists I looked at. I thought to myself, I love Jackson Browne and haven’t listened to him in awhile. I went immediately to this song, which is my favorite of his, and put it on. When people think of him they probably think of The Pretender and Running on Empty. I love those as well, but for some reason this song has always spoken to me on a deep level. It’s a song of love and loss and heartache, and the writing is pure poetry.

I give you Sky Blue and Black, by Jackson Browne

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