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Looking For Miracles

I see a lot of posts on Facebook about looking for miracles, trying to find miracles, or hoping for miracles.  I do none of that.  Why, you ask?  Because I believe miracles are happening everywhere, everyday.  All around us.

Harris Beach
     tj parker photograpy – Harris Beach

They are in the sunlight falling through the trees, the laughter of our grand boys, the breathing of our pups as they lay sleeping in our laps.  Miracles are found every day in my honey’s smile, the house when it’s really quiet, the birds at the feeders in our backyard.  I feel them when I run my cold hands under warm water, take a sip of hot coffee, snuggle in under a warm blanket.  I cannot doubt their existence.

I feel we either choose to see them or we don’t.  As with most things, perception is everything.  We are a people, a culture, who tends to look out to the future for things we want, think we need.  We look out beyond where we’re sitting right now in hopes that one day our lives will be special, or happy, or better somehow than they already are.  The thing is, we are already living it.  Our lives are already filled with tiny and not so tiny wonders.  Everything we could ever need is right where we are, already present in our lives.  We just have to notice.

So I don’t much go looking for miracles, I don’t feel I need to.  I just have to open my eyes, open my heart, breathe deeply, and look around.  When I do what I see is stunning beautiful, what I see is miraculous.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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