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On Being Emotionally Correct

I’ve written and ranted over and over on this blog about being kinder to each other, about trying to be more compassionate, about listening instead of finger pointing, about being open instead of so closed we stop speaking the same language, about love and understanding.

Today I came across this bit from Ted Talks (which I love by the way) and Sally Kohn, who I’d honestly never heard of before today. She happens to be gay and liberal, but sexual orientation and politics don’t really factor into her message here.  In this talk she speaks about emotional correctness and how having a little compassion and understanding and openness can change the way we talk to each other.  It can change the conversation.  I might lead to change.  I couldn’t agree more.

Note:  There is a brief bit of language in here, if something like that might offend you. It’s really in context and she’s quoting someone, but I didn’t want to shock anyone who might be put off by that. And even if a bit of language is something that could put you off, you should look past it and listen, the message is worth it.  We could all use a bit more emotional correctness in our lives and in the world at large.

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