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You’re a Big Brother Now

Dear Sebastian…

I don’t think the Grandmas have written in a long long time.  We’ve seen and spent time with you plenty, but have been so lame about writing anything here.  We thought it was time to remedy that.  So here goes…

For six weeks now you’ve been a big brother.  Your little brother Dominic was born on May 13 and since then you have been so good with him.  You love to kiss his little head and you’ve even held him a few times.  What a great big brother you are.  Not only do you love him, he loves you right back.  He loves the sound of your voice and looks in your direction every time you are around him.  He’s already looking up to you.  It’s so sweet.

Your Grandmas are so proud of the big boy you are and of how you’ve helped to welcome your baby brother into the family.  You are such a caring sweet boy and we love you very very much.

Love…   The Grandmas


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