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It’s Christmas Time In The City

It’s Christmas Eve and our house is quiet. We just arrived back home after spending the day with the kids and our little gent. Four adults, five dogs, one grandson, and loads of family togetherness. Our now traditional Christmas Eve pierogi and sausage dinner followed by the boys nightly routine and bedtime followed by the four of us loading all the presents under the tree. Sebastian will be so excited. It will be awesome to see him lay eyes for the first time on the tree and all those gifts.


It’s Christmas afternoon now. Gifts opened and food cooking. It smells heavenly in here. The little boy had a fantastic time opening gifts today. A tad overwhelming at times and sometimes it was more fun opening than playing with his new stuff, but that will come later. Opening IS half the fun!

It’s been a grand great day so far. A lovely Christmas in Illinois. Family time.

Here’s a wish out to all the people we love that your day has been as good as ours and that your year to come is filled with more love, joy, and happiness than you can take in.

Peace on earth goodwill toward man….

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