Goo Goos

Dear Sebastian…

We have been so lucky to see you so many times this week.  We spent the weekend with you and your Mommy and Daddy in St. Louis for Mother’s Day.  We went to the St. Louis Zoo and had so much fun with you.  Then on Monday you came over and played for a little while, and on Tuesday you came over again.  We also went over to your house last night to have dinner with you and your Mommy and Daddy.  We had so much fun.

You are such an amazing guy.  You have your own language for some things and we love it when you talk to us.  Here are some of the words you say…  you call your Grandma Moo Moo and you call your Grandma Tam DaDa.  A motorcycle is a goo goo and Wicket is Nu Nu.  Blue is Ooo do do.  You say nah when you mean no and uh when you mean yes.  You say diaper and Simba and yeawhoa for yellow.

When we were at the zoo you had a good time looking at the hippos and petting the goats.  You also really liked riding on the train and even though you were a little scared going through the tunnels you were so brave and did it anyway.  We were all so proud of you.

We so love spending time with you Sebastian.  It’s why your grandmas moved all the way to Illinois from Oregon, so we could be close to you.  It was worth it little man.

Your Grandmas love you….

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