Shots and Tornadoes

Just got back from the weekly shot.  Nancy, who takes my blood pressure and temp and weight and oxygen every week, asked how I fared yesterday given the fact that she knows I fear tornadoes.  I said it all worked like it was supposed to.  We were clueless, sitting in the office, then the weather radio went off telling us to take shelter, tornado warning, beep beep beep, etc.  We grabbed the dogs, our phones, closed our curtains, and headed downstairs.  It took us all of about 2 minutes.  Once there we turned on the TV and settled in with our laptops, Karen working, me perusing various coverage sites for the weather.  The emergency alert system activated on the TV and then the sirens went off, or maybe it was the other way around, and we watched on television as the storm made it’s way across where we live.  Many many funnel clouds were spotted and some tornadoes touched down.  Apparently, according to Nancy, there was some damage out by Curtis Road (not far from us) where windows were blown out and a metal shed was moved up onto another building.  LOL  I’d say the first test of our personal system worked well.  🙂  Nancy said she spent 45 minutes in the basement.  Apparently they move all the patients down to the basement of the clinic when the sirens go off.

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