10 Word Review – Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – U.S. Version

Gritty. Mara. Fincher. Intense. Intriguing. Satisfying. Complex. Brutal. Sophisticated. YES.

Published by Tam

Wife. Dogs. Camera. Grandkids. Music. Words. Travel. Family. Friends. Beauty. Inspiration. Nature. Film. Bike. Life. Food. Wind. Trees. Chocolate. Peace. People. Clouds. Art. Ocean. Fall. Kindness. Joy. Hope.

3 thoughts on “10 Word Review – Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – U.S. Version

  1. Did you see the original foreign version? How does this compare? We saw the original and liked it. Dave wants to see this one and I’m not convinced we need to see both after having read the book and seen the first version.

    Miss you both.

    1. Penny… I did see the original foreign version, and I read the book. I liked both very much and also liked the U.S. version as well. It’s fairly similar. Dark and gritty. I think the girl who plays Lisbeth in the U.S. version was better. Though that’s a matter of degrees. The U.S. version is somewhat more stylized. I don’t know. I’d actually recommend seeing it, but if you are burnt out on it then maybe wait for the next one. As I am sure there will most certainly be a next one.

      Miss you too Penny, very much!

    2. Thanks, Tam. Since Dave wants to see it, we probably will. Tried to catch you on Skype yesterday, but you must have been busy chatting with someone else. One of these days we’ll catch up.

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