Squishy Face

Dear Sebastian…

Your Grandmas came over to your house the other night to visit with you for a little while.  Your Daddy and Grandma Tam went out to a movie and your Mommy and Grandma stayed home with you.  Before your Daddy and I went to the movie we were spending a little time with you.  We played with your new plane and I made some pretty funny noises while we were playing, pretending to be the plane sounds as it flew around your head.  You really liked that a lot.  Then we got out your play dough and you started making the squishy face.  No one knows when or where you might have seen it in order to make it.  We think you just made it up on your own, which is really smart.

Your Grandmas think you have the best personality.  You are so much fun to be around.  Thanks for letting us spend some time with you the other night.  We love you so much and always like to see you when we can.

In fact, we are going to come over to your house tonight so your parents can go out on a date.  Your Grandma Karen has a cold, but we are going to come over anyway because we really love you and are excited about spending time with you.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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