These Amazing Shadows

I’m a geek.  I admit it.  I love all the little techie gadgets (yes I have an iPhone, a Kindle, a laptop, a desk top, external hard drives, digital cameras, and wifi enabled dvd players and tv).  I do.  I like getting something new and figuring it out.  I also love all things art… painting, sculpture, photography, film, music.  And yes, in college I took loads of liberal arts classes… philosophy, english, psychology (of course), sociology, religion, history, etc., etc.  I’m one of those creative types.  Or at least I think I am.

So along with this I like film, as I mentioned, and I like to get the inside scoop on it occasionally.  So when I saw this documentary on PBS called “These Amazing Shadows” I had to check it out.  Problem was it was on late and I couldn’t finish it.  Luckily there’s now such a thing as streaming Netflix and they, YES!, had it available.  For anyone who loves film this is a great little documentary about the National Registry of Film connected with the Library of Congress, how it came about, what it is, how they pick the films, etc.  Got me interested enough to go to the website of the Library of Congress and check out the list.  It’s pretty good, and not at all what you would think.  Well, partially what you would think, but not completely.  There are some very cool entries on the list.  Documentaries, home movies, shorts, newsreels, etc.  As well as films that are famous and you would know.  Very cool.

So if you love film and have a bit of time this one is worth viewing.


  1. I am one of the co-directors of “These Amazing Shadows.” We so appreciate you taking the time to watch and write about our documentary. We’re glad you like it. We hope that you nominate a film to the National Film Registry for consideration this year. And, encourage your readers to do the same!
    Kurt Norton

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