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Christmas in Illinois

Dear Sebastian…

We had the best Christmas this year and it was all because of you.  Christmas is the time when a person should feel a lot of joy and enjoy a lot of warm family gatherings.  Because of you your Grandmas felt both of those things.

We spent a lot of time over at your house with you and your Mommy and Daddy.  We ate good food, your Grandma made pierogi on Christmas eve.  You liked it very much, just like the rest of us.  So good.  Then after you went to bed Santa got to work.

Your Grandmas came over early Christmas morning so we could see you see your presents under the tree for the first time.  You really liked your wagon and Zeus.  We were so happy you did.  We spend a lot of time opening presents.  You are such a loved guy you got a lot of them and not just from your parents and your Grandmas, but from your aunts and uncles, and your great grandparents.  We even had to take a couple of breaks from opening, to go for a walk and to play with some of your new stuff, before you finally finished later in the day.

That evening we had dinner too.  You loved that and then you went bed.  You had such a fun day.  Just what Christmas is supposed to be… time with the people you love.  And you are one loved guy.  I can’t believe all the people that love you.  It’s a lot.  It’s because you are such a fantastic guy.

We love you…

Your Grandmas

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