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Slumber Party

Dear Sebastian…

We had so much fun with you this weekend.  We came over to your house and hung out with you last night, made dinner, and were there when you took your bath and went to bed.  We had so much fun with you that we decided to stay over so we could be there in the morning to see you when you got up.  Your Daddy was away for the weekend so it was just you, your Mommy, and us.  It was pretty funny, grandmas and Weston and Riley all staying just so we could see you.  You are a pretty special guy, that’s for sure.

Today we went to watch you swim, it was your last class until next year.  You got to go down the big slide today.  You didn’t seem too thrilled about it, especially the first time, but you went down twice because you are so brave.  Wow.

After swimming we went out to breakfast with your friend Tavish and his parents.  We went to the Courier Cafe and you had scrambled eggs.  Grandmas think you had more fun banging the plastic jam holder on the table than eating your eggs, but you had fun. You also enjoyed your Grandma Karen’s english muffin with jam.

When we were done having breakfast we went back to your house where we played and watched videos after you got up from your nap.  You are such a good sleeper.  And you were in such a great mood when you got up.  You are in a good mood most of the time. Must be because you are such a laid back kind of guy.  You’re a busy guy, but pretty mellow most of the time.  So curious and interested in everything.  That must be because you’re so smart.  You rock.

Grandmas had so much fun with you this weekend.  Thank you for letting us hang out with you.

We love you…  Your Grandmas

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