A Morning Together

Dear Sebastian…

We have had so much fun with you lately.  We came over to pick you up so your Mommy and Daddy could sleep in and have a quiet morning to hang out with each other.  Your Mommy and Daddy love you very much, but they were very tired, so to let them get a little extra sleep we came over to your house before you woke up, got you up when you woke up, gave you breakfast and helped you change into your day clothes and then whisked you off to have big adventures with your grandmas.

We had some fun times.  We went to the store and did some shopping.  I think your favorite part of being at the store was when you got to ride the pony.  You loved it.  Good thing the pony was free or your Grandmas would’ve gone broke feeding quarters into the horsey so it would go.  You rode it that many times.  You are such a great buckaroo.

After the store you came over to our house for awhile.  We had so much fun hanging out, having lunch, playing with your friends, your animals, and Jack.  You are such a good walker now that you walked all over our house.  For awhile you enjoyed wearing a Santa hat while you walked around.  You are an amazing little man Sebastian.  Your Grandmas are so lucky to get to be your Grandmas.

We love you…

Your Grandmas

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