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Swimming and the Goats

Dear Sebastian…

Hi there Mr.  We had a really fun time with you the last few days.  We got to see you twice on Saturday.  We are really lucky.

First we went to see you swim again.  You are such a great swimmer already.  Your Grandmas are really impressed with your skills.  Kind of amazing how you manage to have so much fun.  Your Mommy swam with you again, playing and helping you do all the things you needed to during your swimming lesson.  It was pretty cool.

Later on Saturday we met up with you and your parents at the Curtis Orchard where you picked out your pumpkin for Halloween.  You had so much fun playing on the wooden train and riding the pony.  You are such a brave boy.  It’s pretty special how you do all this stuff and aren’t even scared.  You did the zip line too, with your Grandmas help and that didn’t scare you either.  Wow.  There were goats at the orchard too, and ducks. You really love animals.  It’s so fun to watch you with them and how excited you get.  You fed the goats and also got to pet them.  They had slimy tongues, but you didn’t seem to mind.

Today we came over to your house to see your cool Halloween costume.  You were a train engineer.  Grandma Tam was supposed to bring her camera, but forgot part of it so I couldn’t take any photos of us.  I used my phone camera instead to get a picture, but it turned out kinda blurry.  Your Mommy took some pictures of the three of us with her camera.  I hope one came out, but just in case I’ll put the blurry one on here.  That way we can keep the memory safe and sound.

Love, Your Grandmas

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