Monkey and The Panda Bear

Dear Sebastian…

You were here again today.  It’s so neat that we live so close that you can come over and visit whenever you feel like seeing us.  Your Mommy was nice to bring you over.

We went for a walk after you got here today.  It was sort of chilly outside so your Grandmas, your Mommy, and you all got bundled up and we walked around your Grandmas neighborhood with our doggies, Weston and Riley.  It was a nice walk.  It’s really pretty right now because all the leaves are changing colors.

When we got back to the house your Mommy had to run an errand so we got to hang out with you for a little bit.  Grandma Tam tried to make you some eggs, but you weren’t very keen on eating them.  Then your Grandmas tried to feed you applesauce followed by yogurt.  You didn’t want those either.  Your Grandmas struck out on everything we tried, but you didn’t seem to care.  You were too busy playing with your monkey and your panda bear.  You were pretty cute playing with them.  Your Grandmas like to give you a new little animal every time you come over.  Last time we gave you the first one, the monkey.  You found it in a cupboard.  It was a big surprise.  Today when you came over monkey was in the cupboard again, and so was your new friend the panda bear.  You were pretty excited and played with them the rest of the time you were here.  We had a lot of fun.

Tonight your Grandmas get to see you again when we come over for dinner and to watch the World Series.  This year the St. Louis Cardinals are playing the Texas Rangers. Your Mommy and Daddy are big St. Louis Cardinals fans because your Mommy lived in St. Louis for a long time.  That’s where she lived when she met your daddy.  Pretty cool. So tonight we are coming over to visit you, have dinner with you, and then watch the game with your Mommy and Daddy.  Go Cardinals!

Your Grandmas Love you!

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