Patina Me

Karen, the pups, and I took a walk a couple of days ago at our favorite local park, Meadowbrook.  As we walked the path, looked at the natural prairie that’s been restored, and enjoyed the many sculptures and natural beauty along the way we had an epiphany…. this is big stuff people, so listen up.

We feel that as we age we should patina instead of wrinkle.  How cool would this be?  Instead of drying out and wrinkling up we would all slowly turn a lovely shade of green.  Women would get upset because men would probably turn green more quickly.  And since green would be the new “wrinkle free” this would be fodder for many a joke on the late night talk show circuit.  There would be creams developed to give that certain special shine to your patina.  But since we would patina and not wrinkle, we’d all look like we did when we were 21.  Granted, sadly this would do nothing for the whole sagging thing, but hey… we can only solve one serious world issue per walk.

That’s it… our big ah ha moment.  These are the conversations we have…

Enjoy some photos taken with our little Canon SD750 during the walk.  Notice the woman… this is the sculpture that inspired the whole revelation.

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  1. Not only are yall having a real fall, you have on coats and hat….ahhhh…today is the first day in the Gulf Coast area that it is below 80 degrees. And your park is truly an inspiration with all the art….thanks for sharing it with me. Sam

  2. Sam… Just under 80 eh? Wow. It was unbearably hot here when we first arrived in Illinois in August for two girls and two dogs from temperate Oregon. Now that the humidity has gone it’s been an absolutely lovely fall. We’ll see how we do when the winter cold hits. We’re sort of looking forward to it. The park is fantastic. It’s also not far from our house so it’s an easy place to take the pups for a walk. Thanks for reading… Tam

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