Life In A Day

Life philosophy according to Tam… We are all, everyone of us spinning on this little orb, people who live, experience joy, have pain, grieve, celebrate, and love. We are all the same… want the same things (happiness, our kids to be safe, to live the best lives we can, to laugh, to love)… not matter where we live. Borders and boundaries are just physical structures. Ethnicity is just genetic. Religion is faith. Sexual orientation is meaningless. Spirit, the human spirit, is boundless. People everywhere go to work, love their kids, deal with tragedy, pet their dogs or cats or birds or rabbits, want a place to call home, live with their own flaws, and want to be with the people they care about as much as they can. Everyone, everywhere, wants a good life. We are all living every day the best we know how. We are all, everywhere, one. Period. The end.

Can’t wait to see this…

What Are Your Thoughts?

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