Getting Ready for England

Just got a call from my doc’s office with the numbers from the blood draw yesterday.  All were really good, except my white count was 3.2.  That number isn’t bad at all in and of itself, but it puts it in the range where my maintenance dose is reduced to half.  This has happened a couple of times before, which is why my blood is monitored every week… if my white count falls into a certain range it’s an automatic reduction.  Anyway…. my doc has decided to leave me at the half dose during the time I’m in England, since this reduction in white count has happened before.  This makes it easier for us while we are there so we don’t have to worry about whether the counts are over that reduction edge.  The protocol calls for reduction to half anyway if this happens a few times.  My guess though is that when we return he will probably increase me to the full dose again.  I’ll also be on another 15 day round of ATRA starting the day after we get back.  But that’s then… for now we are getting it all ready.  We will go in today so I can get the shot and also will be picking up all the meds (the shot meds for the month, enough pills for the month, and then refills of other meds for me to take in case I need them… ambien, etc.).

I’m starting to get excited….. we are actually going to be able to go.  I’m actually going to be able to go!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I’m crying right now… life is so beautiful!!

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5 thoughts on “Getting Ready for England

  1. Have a great trip my friend. I’m sure you’re excited to be meeting your grandson in person. Looks like he’s a loveable one…Glad to hear you get all the med stuff straightened out, and that you’re able to fly. Will be thinking of you often, and hoping you will be posting all of your fabulous adventures…Love You.. Give my best to Karen

  2. Love you too girl! You know you will be seeing loads of photos and such from me while we are there. Can’t wait to meet the little dude and hold him, when he lets me hold him that is. 🙂 You guys have a great Christmas and New Years! I miss you girl….

  3. Your blog connected to mine because we must have something in common and I think its breast cancer. I have it and my blog is all about my journey. WHAT A FRIGGIN TRIP! I have been reading your blog and find it very interesting and sadly so, some of the same things I have been dealing with. But we are STRONG women and will make it to the end. And be healthy and happy again. I cry tears for you, myself and all the women in my life. My heart is breaking for both of us and them too that have been through the same experience. Hope you have a wonderful trip to see your grandbaby and you arrive safe and sound and come back home. My name is Sam and I live in Houston, Tx.

    1. Sam… No breast cancer here. I had APL Leukemia. It’s been a tough 6 months, but the last molecular scan (after bone marrow biopsy) showed me to be in remission. No sign of the leukemia. Great news! I am now on a two year maintenance program. It involves low doses of a couple of kinds of chemo (one in pill form and one in a weekly shot I have to go in for) and then ATRA (another pill used for this type of leukemia) every 3 months for 15 days. It’s sometimes a pain, but much better than all the hospital stays and the hard core chemo I had earlier in this process. Hope your journey continues to be healing and isn’t too tough. I’m sending you thoughts and good wishes! I subscribed to your blog and will be checking in on and with you periodically. Thanks for reading…. Tamra

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